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Quantum [QAU]
Mkt Cap $5.82 M Volume $206
$0.078฿ 0.00001300 $5.82 M $206 QAU 2,648 +0.85%
r/qrl (self.QRL)
Quantum is listed on Cryptunit. Compare QRL with other CN coins :)
r/qrl (bloomberg.com)
Quantum Computers Today Aren’t Very Useful. That Could Change [within 1-2 years]
r/qrl (podcast.hodldaily.com)
Preparing for quantum computing with The Quantum Resistant Ledger | HODL Daily
r/quantumproject (self.quantumproject)
Quantum Wiki
r/Bitcoincash (self.Bitcoincash)
Quantum computing and effect on bitcoin cash?
r/qrl (spectrum.ieee.org)
Key Researchers on the Pace and Peculiarities of Developing Quantum Computing—and the Possible End of Bitcoin
r/ethereum (medium.com)
Quantum Computing and Blockchain – An Honest Introduction
r/Iota (facebook.com)
Quantum computers soon
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