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Metal [MTL]
Mkt Cap $22.77 M Volume $3.17 M
$0.73฿ 0.00011182 $22.77 M $3.17 M MTL 4.31 M -5.21%
r/CryptoBullionX (
Another Bullion (CBX) 'The Digital Precious Metal' supporter who has received their Bullion hat! 😎
r/vegan (
When you have to play at a Black Metal show but friends want you to make those amazing veggie sandwiches.
Bittrex to trade Metal (MTL) Again after Ten months of Delisting, Price Spikes Over 13%
r/MetalPay (self.MetalPay)
What happens if I pay someone who hasn't signed up?
Bittrex Re-Listing Sends Metal (MTL) Price Soaring
r/MetalPay (
Marshall commenting on Doctor Doom’s testimony
r/MetalPay (self.MetalPay)
I paid my roommates for rent with the Metal App, here's what happened.
r/cryptocurrency (
After being delisted from Bittrex back in January, Metal (MTL) releases their iOS app Metal Pay and becomes the first crypto ever to get re-listed on Bittrex.
r/MetalPay (
Metal is re-listed on Bittrex!
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