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Maecenas [ART]
Mkt Cap $6.24 M Volume $402
$0.159฿ 0.00002500 $6.24 M $402 ART 2,531 +0.34%
r/Maecenas (
“We’re making history.” - Maecenas CEO Marcelo Garcia Casil
r/Maecenas (
Care to own part of an Andy Warhol?
r/Maecenas (
Maecenas ART token now listed on CryptalDash exchange
r/Maecenas (
Maecenas is following the Dutch auction process, which means the share price will not be determined until the end of the auction
r/Maecenas (
“We’re making history. This Warhol is the first artwork of many more to come.” - Maecenas CEO Marcelo García Casil
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