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Mkt Cap $4.19 B Volume $770.63 M
$4.62฿ 0.00072676 $4.19 B $770.63 M EOS 166.69 M +0.05%
r/eos (cryptofest.tv)
EOS block producers lose over 150 million votes due to vote decay
r/eos (self.eos)
Creating an Active key using eos-voter watch/Cold Wallet
r/eos (trybe.one)
Countries With 0% Tax On Cryptocurrency (2018)
r/eos (self.eos)
Petition to Limit BP's Votes for Other BPs to Maximum 5 Million EOS
r/eos (self.eos)
Is There A Market For Trading EOS Accounts
r/eos (self.eos)
EDNA Announces Blockchain-DNA Sequencing Reservations
r/eos (self.eos)
Airdrop Current Values
r/eos (youtu.be)
EOS Mega Update Vol 9: New Transactions-Per-Second record, EOS/ETH & EOS/BTC ratio, EOS proxy voter information, No more SEOS token, Resource Exchange Telegram Group, Projects switching from Ethereum to EOS, Where's the audit??, Everipedia info on page abuse, New EOSIO software version 1.2.0
r/eos (eosauthority.com)
EOS Voting Decay - Combined the Block Producers have lost 158 million votes. Remember to vote periodically to maximise your voting power.
r/eos (globalcoinreport.com)
The Battle for DApps Between EOS and Ethereum
r/eos (youtu.be)
Costa Rica Crypto - Dexeos another great interview
r/eos (i.redd.it)
"The right one doesn't have to try."
r/eos (medium.com)
Save the Date: EOS DevCon coming to Tampa, Florida January 21, 2019
r/eos (self.eos)
Future EOS exchanges
r/eos (eosauthority.com)
Another EOS feature: Missing & Invalid memos on transfers to exchanges are a thing of the past. The memo can be verified on-chain before EOS leaves the sender's account. Binance has implemented today, other exchanges are testing.
r/eos (self.eos)
POS rewards for voting
EOS Price Analysis – August 16
r/eos (eosbpstats.com)
Why is the block producing node of EOS New York performing so badly?
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