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Mkt Cap $9.70 B Volume $456.92 M
$10.82฿ 0.00159634 $9.70 B $456.92 M EOS 42.23 M -1.50%
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, NEM at New Lows, But Buyers Have Hopes: Price Analysis, June 18
EOS Mainnet Takes A 5 Hour Breather Due To A Small Bug, Criticized
r/eos (reddit.com)
I'll just leave this here...
r/eos (self.eos)
Cardano HODLers Seem to be trying to DDOS EOS and are prospective block producers
EOS Network Freezes, Raises Security Concerns
EOS Net Froze after Launch, Back Online, Problems to Come
r/ethereum (toshitimes.com)
EOS Blockchain Live Again Following ”Freeze”
r/eos (self.eos)
Slow start phase for EOS
r/eos (monstereos.io)
Monster EOS! Take care of your Monster on the main net! Crypto Kitties on EOS!
r/tezos (self.tezos)
Excerpt from EOS chaos....should make you guys happy that this team has been a bit more diligent and taken a bit more time to TEST!
r/eos (self.eos)
Got the bp maps automated and live on the web!
r/eos (i.redd.it)
Progress on iPhone Hardware Wallet
r/eos (self.eos)
If I use only 1 out of 30 votes, does the 1 BP I voted for get 100% of my voting power? Or am I wasting 29/30 votes?
EOS Tokens Not For Passive HODLers
r/eos (youtube.com)
My Opinion on EOS Hate and FUD
r/eos (self.eos)
Another Bug Wipes $200 Million Off EOS: IOTA, EOS, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens and Tron Technical Analysis (June 18, 2018)
r/eos (self.eos)
Greymas and Simpleos wallets compatibility
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