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Mkt Cap $9.48 M Volume $25K
$0.0215ETH 0.00010662 $9.48 M $25K CPX 1.16 M +13.88%
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My Article About Tokenized Loyalty: Convertible, Non-Expiring Rewards (Apex Focussed)
r/APEXtoken (i.redd.it)
APEX on Delta onboarding! Damn this is nice to see some great marketing starting. Yugeee
r/APEXtoken (i.redd.it)
Apex CEO Jimmy Hu posted testnet screenshot in the Apex telegram this morning!
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APEX Is Now on Delta Direct — Direct CPX Team Updates on Your Delta App
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APEX - Next generation of consumer applications !
r/APEXtoken (medium.com)
APEX Network CEO Jimmy Hu Selected by Hurun Report as “2018 Hurun 30X30 Entrepreneur Leader”
r/APEXtoken (self.APEXtoken)
Whats going on with this ? there seems to be practically nothing going on until the testnet
r/APEXtoken (medium.com)
APEX Behind the Scenes #2 — Guest Post by CTO Richard Wang (Part 2)
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