How often are prices updated? Are there any delays?
The prices of the coins we list are updated almost in realtime with only seconds of latency.

When will a mobile app for iOS & Android be available?
Although there is no clear-cut timeline, we estimate the first versions both for Android & iOS to be available before Q3 2018 ends.

Our site, however, is mobile-friendly. You can use Coinlib along with all its features on any mobile device.

I want to recommend a feature (e.g. Dark Theme, push notifications etc)
Below we list some features we’ve planned to roll out over the next few months. If you don’t see your desired featured listed, please send us an email or message us through our Social Media:
  • Dark Theme (night mode)
  • Portfolio export to CSV / Excel
  • Public API

  • Recently added features
  • Best Price Explorer
  • Website Widgets
  • Global Charts
  • Cryptocurrency Converter
  • Portfolio import from exchanges
  • Ability to add fees on trades
  • Add comments on your trades

  • Why do I see different prices compared to Coinmarketcap or other sites?
    We calculate prices taking into account your preferred currency.

    So if you choose USD ($) as your coin of preference, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) will be the volume-weighted average of all BTC/USD markets - only exchanges that allow trading BTC using USD are taken into account. The price is not affected by any other trading pair. Often there are big price differences with other pairs ie BTC/KRW or BTC/JPY. In case the volume for the selected pair is not big enough, we use more liquid pairs.

    Other sites, like Coinmarketcap, calculate the average price of all pairs ie BTC/USD, BTC/JPY etc and show you the result in USD. This is the reason for the price differences.

    A coin is missing (not listed). Why is that and how can I report it?
    We constantly add new coins and try to keep our list up to date. Some of the lower-cap coins may be missing. If you happen to find out which is already being traded in one or more exchanges, feel free to reach out to us with the relevant pointers, We'd be happy to add it.

    How can I add mined coins to my portfolio?
    We are currently building an option for you to add mined coins to your portfolio. For now, you can simply put 0 in the price when opening a new trade.

    An exchange is missing, how can I report it?
    We are constantly adding more exchanges to our list. If you happen to find one which is missing, make sure it offers an API and then feel free to reach out to us with the relevant pointers.

    Does the Best Price Explorer Tool take fees into account?
    No. The Best Price Explorer Tool doesn't consider fees, neither exchange nor network ones. We're considering adding such a feature in the future.