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WePower [WPR]
Mkt Cap $10.25 M Volume $350K
$0.0217฿ 0.00000339 $10.25 M $350K WPR 16.16 M -4.46%
r/WePowerNetwork (about.bnef.com)
13 questions to our CEO Nick about WePower by BloombergNEF. A must read!
r/WePowerNetwork (youtu.be)
Recap of WePower "Revolution in Energy Financing" event in Melbourne, where the leaders in #energy, #finance, and #technology
r/WePowerNetwork (bloomberg.com)
We are now partnered with Tradition's Renewable Energy Hub to revolutionise Australia's green scene
r/WePowerNetwork (bloomberg.com)
Bloomberg on our new partnership with Tradition Group's new Renewable Energy Hub!
r/WePowerNetwork (medium.com)
We're hiring!
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