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Waves [WAVES]
Mkt Cap $198.34 M Volume $3.97 M
$1.98฿ 0.00031025 $198.34 M $3.97 M WAVES 2.00 M +6.99%
Waves x2 Growth Potential – Short Term
r/Wavesplatform (forum.wavesplatform.com)
Vote the name of the new Waves browser extension
r/Wavesplatform (twitter.com)
Even with the bear market in full force, waves Platform's blockchain activity is hitting new all-time highs. On Aug 3, the Dex processed little over 76'000 trades! On average, $WAVES is the 7th most active network according to @Blocktivity.
r/Wavesplatform (twitter.com)
The Waves Summer Roadshow hits Moscow this week!
r/Wavesplatform (twitter.com)
We've just pushed a new release of our Woocommerce plugin. Check it out to add fast payments in Waves or any Waves-based token in your shop!
r/Wavesplatform (twitter.com)
Shoutout to the Development Community of Waves!
r/Wavesplatform (self.Wavesplatform)
Why can I no longer find NGR-coin on the Waves client?
r/Wavesplatform (self.Wavesplatform)
Waves Lease - Payment #12 Completed
r/Wavesplatform (urbancrypto.com)
Three Altcoins Rising While Others Slowly Decline | Urban Crypto
r/Wavesplatform (youtube.com)
Great to see Waves ambassadors and community members organize such good events like this one
r/Wavesplatform (forum.wavesplatform.com)
CALL TO ACTION - Vote Waves on Ledger roadmap
r/Wavesplatform (forbes.com)
Decentralized Crypto Exchanges Can Solve Fake Volumes And Malpractices
r/Wavesplatform (cointopper.com)
Waves (WAVES) looking strong with 30% up
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