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Mkt Cap $14.05 M Volume $2.67 M
$0.270฿ 0.00004195 $14.05 M $2.67 M WABI 9.89 M +2.64%
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Don’t fall for the pump and dump
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WABI Overview.
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What Is WABI? Meet The Cryptocurrency That Aims To Save Lives
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OneZone x Walimai have begun collaborations: Weekly Update #21 — July 4th
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How many tokens for a masternode?
r/WabiToken (wacoin.io)
WaBi-WaBi is expected to be implemented in over 1000 stores over the course of 2018, there is not really any other cryptos that are showing this level of B2C adoption so early.
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Wabi technical analysis
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WaBi / Walimai Interview with Yasuhiro Takayama from @techfrontierllc is probably the best overview of $WaBi right now! Retweet to introduce your friends to WaBi 😀Watch the full interview here.
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How WaBi Anti-counterfeit Label Works CEO demonstrates WABI TECH 700 Billion in Fake Goods alone in CHINA
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Wabi ICO & First Week Results - Why I'm A Late Investor In This Crypto
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Walton vs. Vechain vs. WaBi | Supply Chain Part 1 of 2 | WABI 18 Million market cap Vechain 646 Million market cap and Walton Chain 111 market cap Wabi has the superior technology
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WABI saving the lives of infants Seniors anti counterfeiting in China alone this tech is worth hundred of million of dollars. Taking Supply chain and Internet of things to the next level on the blockchain. Should be over $1.00 in the coming days mass volume uptick is the signal and its growing.
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Wabi the crypto currency that helps saves lives we could see 100x ROI wabi the darling of Blockchain heading into 2019 only 14 million dollar market cap
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Wabi featured on Nugget's News
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