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Upfiring [UFR]
Mkt Cap $1.23 M Volume $3,080
$0.063฿ 0.00000995 $1.23 M $3,080 UFR 49K -16.25%
r/Upfiring (self.Upfiring)
Will upfiring be usable on any layer 2 solutions like plasma?
r/Upfiring (self.Upfiring)
r/Upfiring (self.Upfiring)
For which platform(s) will Upfiring 1.0 be released for at launch?
r/Upfiring (self.Upfiring)
Don't expect a sudden moon mission..
r/Upfiring (twitter.com)
Upfiring tweet: "Blizzard Entertainment, Facebook, and Twitter all use their own versions of the BitTorrent protocol to facilitate efficient file-sharing. This 5-year-old article - "The 8 Legal Uses for BitTorrent" - is even more relevant today"
r/Upfiring (self.Upfiring)
Website redesign request
r/Upfiring (s.reddit.com)
Join Upfiring's official community chat on Reddit!
r/Upfiring (self.Upfiring)
Should there be a minimum price in UFR for decrypting a .ufr file?
r/Upfiring (self.Upfiring)
Possible partnerships for upfiring extensions
r/Upfiring (uptorrent.net)
You can now buy UFR tokens on UpTorrent with USD/EUR !
r/Upfiring (self.Upfiring)
I just sent my Upfiring to the Contract address. Am I screwed? Pls. Ty.
r/Upfiring (medium.com)
"Invest in the ugly duckling - decentralization, product/market fit, and the law" <- Story of historical competition between P2P file sharing systems - reasons for success in the niche / extremely relevant to Upfiring!
r/Upfiring (twitter.com)
Satoshi originally suggested Bitcoin could build a fundamental value by being used in a 'file trading network' - Although this hasn't been achieved for Bitcoin, Upfiring will potentially fill this void first!
r/Upfiring (i.redd.it)
Upfiring file format (.ufr) finalized
r/Upfiring (thecryptotea.com)
Tron Reveals Secret Project Atlas - The Crypto Tea
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