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Mkt Cap $7.56 M Volume $101K
$0.0041฿ 0.00000063 $7.56 M $101K UTNP 24.58 M -11.42%
r/universa (self.universa)
Alright I found the email and I have my UTN on my account on the Universa main-net. But this changes nothing because I cannot withdraw UTN to sell them on a exchange only UTNP which you scammy fuckers don't let me do. That's the final prove that UNIVERSA IS A SCAM.
r/universa (self.universa)
If Universa is not a scam, please tell how can i withdraw either utn or utnp, which I paid for a year ago, today.
r/universa (i.redd.it)
No mainnet is launched nor is it possible to withdraw utn or utnp tokens. Universa is all lies and false promises.
r/universa (self.universa)
Universa is a scam!
r/universa (facebook.com)
For the blockchain technology there are no limits or boundaries. With its help any industry can greatly improve their performance. Petrochemical industry is not an exception. To learn more, watch ‘Chain reaction’ with Alexander Borodich.
r/universa (self.universa)
Capture the world with Universa Blockchain!
r/universa (beta.universa.io)
UTN-UTNP Swap available
r/universa (self.universa)
Anyone buying UTNP on CoinBene?
r/universa (self.universa)
How the blockchain solves problems of the real economy sector
r/universa (medium.com)
Universa has signed a new agreement !
r/universa (self.universa)
Withdrawal Requested ! Still no comfirmation since mainnet is life !
r/universa (goo.gl)
You have a question to ask Alexander Borodich? Then just simply fill in the form, we will choose 30 of the most interesting ones and Universa founder Alexander Borodich will answer them during an AMA session. Questions can be submitted until 25 September
r/universa (self.universa)
How do I withdraw UTN Tokens from Mainnet?
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