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TeslaCoin [TES]
Mkt Cap $747K Volume $88
$0.0098฿ 0.00000150 $747K $88 TES 8,976 +7.73%
r/Teslamovement (i.redd.it)
Big news coming tomorrow!!
r/Teslamovement (i.redd.it)
Is Tomislav Tesla!!! The great great nephew of Nikola Tesla!!!
r/Teslamovement (i.redd.it)
#TeslaStarter launch is getting closer and we already have the first project!! Guess who?
r/Teslamovement (novaexchange.com)
We've been relisted in the old school exchange NovaExchange!!
r/Teslamovement (wallet.crypto-bridge.org)
We're now listed in the decentralized exchange CryptoBridge!!
r/Teslamovement (i.redd.it)
ESTC has started and we're their sponsors!!
r/Teslamovement (i.redd.it)
Tomislav Tesla (Nikola Tesla's decendant) endorsing TeslaStarter platform
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