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Interview: Laszlo Giricz, the Founder and CEO of Poseidon Foundation
Poseidon Foundation uses Blockchain to help Liverpool become first climate positive city by 2020
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Breaking – Poseidon (XLM/Stellar) landmark partnership with City of Liverpool
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Poseidon Foundation - three of our approved and certified projects by our strategic partner Ecosphere+
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The Poseidon Foundation -Climate action is not expensive, and now thanks to our innovative platform, it is finally truly accessible to you – the individual, every day."
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Poseidon Foundation partners with government in Malta
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Poseidon Foundation (Carbon on Blockchain) built on Stellar is going VIRAL !!! Check out the views!
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BAC Partners with Poseidon – built on Stellar – in World First
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Poseidon Foundation Partner with BAC Mono
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AMA w/ Poseidon Foundation (Laszlo Giricz and Chidi Akutu) TOMORROW June 14 @ 7:00pm UTC (12:00pm PST)
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When you're done with the exam about Roman religion, but remember you wrote the God of the sea is Poseidon
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