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Mkt Cap - Volume $8,342
$0.0193฿ 0.00000297 - $8,342 SHL 432K +1.65%
r/Oyster (self.Oyster)
[market-talk] Nice surge in price boys!
r/Oyster (self.Oyster)
Marketing Campaign - Oyster Storage
r/Oyster (self.Oyster)
Is the success of Oyster dependent on the success of IOTA's tangle?
r/Oyster (self.Oyster)
Any Chance that We Will Get listes on more exchanges?
r/Oyster (medium.com)
Oyster Protocol upload increases from 25 MB to 125 MB. Great work!
r/Oyster (coinscribble.com)
9 Small Cap Cryptocurrencies to Watch in 2019 (mentions PRL)
r/Oyster (self.Oyster)
What are the plans for 2019-2021?
r/Oyster (self.Oyster)
PRL to 10c!!
r/Oyster (i.redd.it)
Oyster PRL - Simplified Ecosystem
r/Oyster (zerocrypted.com)
"Oyster Protocol Receives New Development Update, Upload Limit from 25 MB to 125 MB"
r/Oyster (kucoin.com)
KuCoin added MTC to their Platform
r/Oyster (oysterprotocol.com)
New Filesize Limit: 125MB - Oyster Protocol Development Update - 8th October
r/Oyster (oysterprotocol.com)
Storage increase!
r/Oyster (self.Oyster)
What would someone choose Oyster over IPFS?
r/Oyster (self.Oyster)
Once the project is finished, what would be the expected lifetime of a file uploaded to the network before it gets lost/corrupted?
r/Oyster (self.Oyster)
What is the current state of the project? Could I actually reliably upload and store files today on the tangle or is it too early for that right now?
r/Oyster (self.Oyster)
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