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Latium [LAT]
Mkt Cap - Volume $962
$0.038฿ 0.00000588 - $962 LAT 25K +4.03%
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“[Proof-of-Human] is totally proprietary concept…We think that people have value, peoples production is what creates economy & so everyone should have the chance at participating.”
Interview: CEO of Latium (LATX) Explains Advantages of ‘Micro-Tasking’ Platform
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Latium: Bringing Crypto to the Masses - Medium Article Update
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Latium is now included in the active TOPBTC listing vote! Take a look, learn more and be sure to vote today!
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HackdroidCrypto Review's Latium Proof of Human
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During his keynote at #SatoshiUnited David Johnson discusses the Latium project, ongoing developments, & some exciting future visions for #Latium.
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During the recent #WBSSingapore, the staff at #OkayKrypto detailed some of the promising projects in attendance. "Latium has created a solution for everyday people to become cryptocurrency users...without having to overcome any technical hurdles."
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