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Mkt Cap $16.50 M Volume $1.06 M
$0.103฿ 0.00001588 $16.50 M $1.06 M JNT 10.30 M +6.80%
r/JibrelNetwork (jcash.network)
Jibrel Network releases jCash
r/JibrelNetwork (self.JibrelNetwork)
Check the website
r/JibrelNetwork (self.JibrelNetwork)
Who have right now ?
r/JibrelNetwork (icobrothers.media)
Brian Kelly, BKCM: Bitcoin Fell Not Because of the SEC's Decision on ETF
r/JibrelNetwork (self.JibrelNetwork)
Where is the floor for JNT?
r/JibrelNetwork (finma.ch)
FINMA now officially lists Jibrel as a licensed financial intermediary and an SRO member
r/JibrelNetwork (finextra.com)
Jibrel has a good chance to work with GFIN
r/JibrelNetwork (globalcoinreport.com)
Great article mentioning commodity trading
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