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Mkt Cap - Volume $8,641
$0.0168ETH 0.00008324 - $8,641 XNK 515K +7.13%
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What is Ink Protocol? New Explainer Video on How XNK and Ink Reputation Work!
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Gee-Hwan was at the Global Blockchain Forum!
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Ink Protocol Community Update: Bibox, Coinbase Wallet, TC Disrupt, MakerDAO Partnership, Listia, and more!
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What does FOMO mean? And how it became so popular!
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Ink Protocol and MakerDAO Bring Reputation and Stability to Buying and Selling with Cryptocurrency
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Article published about Ink Protocol as part of their DNA series
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In case you missed it, Gee did a nice write up in our telegram channel overnight :)
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