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Gnosis [GNO]
Mkt Cap $33.98 M Volume $852K
$30.77LA 274.07 $33.98 M $852K GNO 28K -4.41%
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“How do you do governance in a way that doesn't compromise on #decentralization, still keeping the openness, and not fall back to centralized decision-making? That’s what DAOstack is about.” - Martin Köppelmann, DAOstack Advisor and CEO of Gnosis
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With Gnosis DutchX, any dApp can exchange tokens and/or integrate a price feed. The use cases for DutchX are vast, and we're excited to help create a fully decentralized exchange.
"Ethereum is blooming and we are doubling down on it": Gnosis founder
CEO of Prediction Market Platform Gnosis: ‘Ethereum Is Blooming and We Are Doubling Down on It’
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Interesting read from Gnosis on "ring trades" as a solution for front-running.
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You can change GNO on SimpleSwap - instant exchanger with more than 150 currencies.
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