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Elixir [ELIX]
Mkt Cap - Volume $7,801
$0.032฿ 0.00000499 - $7,801 ELIX 243K +6.74%
r/elixirtoken (blog.elixirtoken.io)
How Will Smart Contracts Change The Web As We Know It? - Elix Blog
r/elixirtoken (twitter.com)
What do you most want to use ELIX for? Let Us Know In Our Twitter Poll!
r/elixirtoken (blog.elixirtoken.io)
5 Benefits of Crowdfunding for Nonprofits in 2018 - Elix Blog
r/elixirtoken (medium.com)
The ELIX Web Portal Is Out (Open Beta)
r/elixirtoken (self.elixirtoken)
Elixir Token: A new fan-made proposal for it's utility [Marketing Stake in the platform]
r/elixirtoken (self.elixirtoken)
message to David
r/Aeternity (blog.aeternity.com)
Elixir vs Erlang and why blockchain needs young developers: An Interview with Philipp Piwowarsky
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