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r/dccofficial (medium.com)
DCC Mainnet 24h Volume Exceeds 1 MILLION Transactions ; China's P2P lending crisis & today's event in Seoul Korea ; DCC weekly update.
r/dccofficial (computerworld.com)
U.S. Treasury: Regulators should back off FinTech, allow innovation
r/dccofficial (techinasia.com)
Asia could be the next global fintech leader, but a lot can go wrong
r/dccofficial (kucoin.com)
NEW KuCoin DCC Trading Competition, Win 50 ETH! (8.15 - 8.24)
r/dccofficial (medium.com)
You Don’t Understand Bitcoin Because You Think Money Is Real
r/dccofficial (medium.com)
How User Control Over Data Underlies Changes in Lending Infrastructure: Coin Catcher Interviews DCC Founder & CTO
r/dccofficial (news.kucoin.com)
KuCoin: DCC 50 ETH Giveaway Rewards Distributed
r/dccofficial (i.redd.it)
Capable_Uwa, THANK YOU SO MUCH. We made you our 1st ever DCC Memer!!
r/dccofficial (i.redditmedia.com)
My favorite submission to our Meme Competition so far!
r/dccofficial (pymnts.com)
Some States Readying For A Fight Over Federal Government’s FinTech Oversight
r/dccofficial (coindesk.com)
Regulators Plan 'Global Sandbox' for Fintech & Blockchain
r/dccofficial (thefintechtimes.com)
Online Gaming Companies & ICOs: New Trend?
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