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BitConnect Again? DavorCoin Price Dives After Lending Site Shutdown
r/steemit (steemit.com)
DavorCoin (DAV) Ends its Lending Program...
r/cryptocurrency (imgur.com)
Trevon James is at it again, so please be aware of his latest BitConnectesque scams folks. !!! DavorCoin and ThornCoin !!!
r/dashpay (youtube.com)
Bitconnect Is Dead. Is DavorCoin Next?
r/zec (youtube.com)
Bitconnect Is Dead. Is DavorCoin Next?
r/cryptocurrency (youtu.be)
Scam Alert: DavorCoin the obvious Ponzi Scam. What it is and why you should avoid it.
r/Bitconnect (self.Bitconnect)
DavorCoin Referral Chain Group
r/Bitconnect (self.Bitconnect)
Anyone interested in trying DavorCoin? If so I'm part of a chain group. So everyone wins.
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