Bitfinex News
Can Bitfinex’s Decentralized Exchange Ethfinex Trustless Differentiate Itself?
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Ethfinex Trustless is now open for business - trade onto Bitfinex from a hardware wallet or Metamask!
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Tezos News: Added By Bitfinex And Evolve Markets
Bitcoin [BTC] influencer surprised by Underwood’s report; says Bitfinex should be on the list
r/ripple (self.Ripple)
Crazy theory - Bitfinex xrapid
Coinbase executes 20% of trading volume on their own exchange; Bitfinex and Poloniex included
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Bitfinex Sets the Pace with New High-Performance EOSfinex |
Bitfinex’s Ethfinex Trustless Introduces Itself to the World
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20 second confirmation from Bitfinex to Trinity
Fourth-Largest Exchange Bitfinex Launches A Decentralized Ethereum Exchange
Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) Short Positions on Bitfinex Point to Volatility
Tezos (XTZ) Sells-Off Despite Successful Mainnet Launch, Bitfinex Listing
One Million ETH Traded on Bitfinex, Volumes Spike to Near All Time High
Bitfinex falls prey to “Streisand effect” as it attempts to silence critics
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