Name Price Market cap Volume
BANCA logo
Mkt Cap $6.86 M Volume $157K
$0.00038297ETH 0.00000141 $6.86 M $157K BANCA 410.17 M -6.97%
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Dear Community, we are changing to bi-weekly reports, but rest assured, we will inform you of any important updates about $Banca right away!
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Banca (BANCA) - CoinAI Beta - 15 Aug 2018
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CoinAI Beta Version and Banca token utility is now live!
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Banca Will Build A Cryptocurrency Investment Bank Community Based On Qtum
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Anyone still holding?
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CoinAI Utility for BANCA token will finally meet the community next week!
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BANCA Coin Review | $BANCA | Wallstreet on Blockchain | Partnership with QTUM|
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A lot of updates this week from our team👏
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