Name Price Market cap Volume
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Mkt Cap $4.52 M Volume $96K
$0.00025214฿ 0.00000004 $4.52 M $96K BANCA 380.02 M +12.50%
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BANCA bi-weekly report 12.10.2018 – BANCA – Medium
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We have re-made the CoinUltra video to improve audio and add more mentions to product usage.
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BANCA bi-weekly report 28.09.2018 – BANCA – Medium
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Banca/USDT New Trading Pair Listed on Wazirx!
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Banca announces second product! – BANCA – Medium
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More marketing, the second utility for Banca token and further plans..Check it out inside this new bi-weekly update! 👏🤑
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-> Thousands of Twitter Followers - Where do they all come from?
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Despite negative cryptocurrency market sentiment, #Banca team keeps working hard and building products. Exciting times ahead. Next step - second utility for $Banca and more ..... Ultimate goal - to build *Wall Street* for crypto communities on #blockchain. Stay tuned #BancaArmy !
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