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AventCoin [AVT]
Mkt Cap $3.05 M Volume $23K
$0.51฿ 0.00007958 $3.05 M $23K AVT 44K -3.57%
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If you consider you have some good/interesting questions for our founders, Annika and Alan, or for other members of the team, please drop your inquiries in our Telegram group or on Twitter, followed by "#AventusAMA". We will stop receiving questions on Tuesday 21/08 at 15:00 BST.
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Annika Monari - "How technology can end ticket touting for good" | IQ Magazine
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Read our full statement on Tickketmaster's decision here: https://medium.com/@aventus/ticketmasters-closure-of-seatwave-and-getmein-is-a-step-in-the-right-direction-24d1bc3fd6df
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Aventus founders, check out this guy's offer.
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