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r/eos (toshitimes.com)
Cryptocurrency Markets Skyrocket Following Avalanche of Good News
r/nknblockchain (self.nknblockchain)
"Avalanche Consensus" is inherently the same as NKN's MVCA consensus!
r/ethereum (medium.com)
Demystifying “Snowflake to Avalanche” – zk Capital Publications – Medium
Perlin Code Review: Avalanche DAG
r/btc (twitter.com)
Emin Sirer in a shitstorm of tweets: "PoW is wasted energy if there is no attack, proof: miners could turn off half their rigs waiting for an attack" "PoW is centralized protocol" "The protocol I advise are The Future (TM) - Avalanche". This guy is embarrassing.
r/tezos (ipfs.io)
Snowflake to Avalanche
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