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Aeternity [AE]
Mkt Cap $238.94 M Volume $15.89 M
$1.03QC 7.13 $238.94 M $15.89 M AE 15.50 M +9.91%
r/Aeternity (
Its over 9000! Mainnet Aug 29!
r/Aeternity (
Become æternity's Æmbassador and support us by organizing regular local meetups
r/Aeternity (
Official application to get Aeternity token to Nexo platform as collateral
r/Aeternity (
Find here all the information you’ll need to familiarize yourselves with æternity:
r/Aeternity (
The latest dev update is out - work on Proof of Fraud for Bitcoin-NG is done and we are working on introducing support for oracles
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