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0xBitcoin [0xBTC]
Mkt Cap $1.57 M Volume $373K
$0.52ETH 0.00166881 $1.57 M $373K 0xBTC 712K +7.40%
r/0xbitcoin (i.redd.it)
Decentralized Runescape Private Server integrated with Withdrawable/Depositable Crypto
r/0xbitcoin (chepicap.com)
Ether close to goin PoS, making 0xBitcoin the pure mined currency on the Ethereum blockchain
r/0xbitcoin (imgur.com)
Now you can post bounties on Gitcoin using Pure Mined Cryptocurrency! Congrats Gitcoin :)
r/0xbitcoin (self.0xbitcoin)
If you run a Decentralized Exchange and you don't have 0xBTC on it, your exchange has no cryptocurrencies! You are doing it wrong.
r/0xbitcoin (self.0xbitcoin)
0xBitcoin General, weeks 33 and 34, 2018
r/0xbitcoin (self.0xbitcoin)
Do you HATE or do you LOVE 0xBTC? Now you can make the contract emit love and hate events !
r/0xbitcoin (self.0xbitcoin)
Decided to give it a go, unable to get the miner working. Sticks at getting mining parameters, NE rises, gets to 25, and then says waiting for pool... And then goes idle. Any ideas how to fix it?
r/0xbitcoin (self.0xbitcoin)
Definition of a Cryptocurrency
r/0xbitcoin (0xbitcoin-memes.tumblr.com)
Pool developer Mike.rs brings us spicy 0xBTC memes
r/0xbitcoin (medium.com)
Open Letter to Ethereum Dapps: Stop Using Arcade Tokens. Use Pure Mined Cryptocurrency
r/0xbitcoin (blogs.opera.com)
0xBTC set to be the only Pure Mined currency natively integrated with Opera Browser
r/0xbitcoin (investopedia.com)
Ripple: Not real Crypto. Non-mined tokens: Not real Crypto.
r/0xbitcoin (self.0xbitcoin)
Word of mouth, how else?
r/0xbitcoin (imgur.com)
Simple Visual: Where 0xBTC fits in Ethereum
r/0xbitcoin (youtu.be)
Statement by SEC Chairman are in line with 0xBTC ideals for mined currency
r/0xbitcoin (medium.com)
Any ICOed Ethereum Token is an Equity, not a Currency
r/0xbitcoin (trustnodes.com)
Bitmain losing grip on SHA hashing hardware
r/0xbitcoin (self.0xbitcoin)
0xBitcoin Foundation
r/0xbitcoin (medium.com)
Why SHA3 is a great mining algorithm and ASIC-resistance is futile
r/0xbitcoin (self.0xbitcoin)
"I want to go back to separating ICOs and cryptocurrencies. ICOs that are securities offerings, we should regulate them like we regulate securities offerings. End of story,"
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