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0x [ZRX]
Mkt Cap $397.06 M Volume $11.49 M
$0.74฿ 0.00011541 $397.06 M $11.49 M ZRX 15.54 M +0.50%
r/0xProject (nexofinance.typeform.com)
Official application to get 0x token to Nexo platform as collateral
r/0xProject (self.0xProject)
12 word phrases explained
r/0xProject (medium.com)
New Relayer Now Live: Dive into The Ocean at app.theocean.trade!
r/0xProject (blog.gnosis.pm)
Interesting read from Gnosis on "ring trades" as a solution for front-running.
r/0xProject (youtu.be)
0x (ZRX) Protocol | Is 0x the future of Decentralized Exchanges?
r/0xProject (medium.com)
Toward a million markets… and how we're going to get there—Paradex (Acquired by Coinbase)
r/0xProject (cointopper.com)
Suddenly, 0x (ZRX) falls 25%
r/0xProject (youtube.com)
Radar Relay - 0x Protocol & Future Of P2P Trading
r/0xProject (blog.0xproject.com)
Development Update #11 — July 2018 – 0x Protocol
r/0xProject (medium.com)
5 reasons to build a decentralized exchange on top of 0x
r/0xProject (self.0xProject)
Are there any resources which show non crypto exchange use-cases?
r/0xProject (medium.com)
The Real Power of Decentralized Exchanges That Nobody Has Talked About (Written by Founder of LedgerDex)
r/0xProject (self.0xProject)
What's New in 0x + Weekly Discussion Thread for 8/12/2018
r/0xProject (self.0xProject)
Community's thoughts on LeverJ's token/fee/staking structure in 0x
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