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Nasdaq plans on launching Bitcoin futures first half of 2018..
Bitcoin Cash Price Weekly Analysis – BCH/USD to Decline Further
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BREAKING: Putin Fully Endorses Blockchain Technology: "Russia Has Oil and Gas But We Need Cryptos. He who is late to this race will be under full dependence from the leaders of these processes".
Largest Irish Residential Property Developer Building Homes for Bitcoin
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Sent Bitcoin to receiving address on BlockMarket
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"He who is late to this race will be under full dependence from the leaders of these processes." - Vladimir Putin, on securing blockchain tech for the National Security of Russia
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Laszlo Hanyecz of Pizza fame and history does it again with Lightning mainnet
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wow! This is how it looks 2832 nodes & 15747 channels to testnet lightning network
Georgia State Consider to Accept Tax Payment in Bitcoin
Someone Just Bought $400 Million Worth of Bitcoin
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"There are no controls over how many Bitcoins are issued, and digital counterfeiting rings have been busy replicating the currency at “Bitcoin farms”, and a few have been apprehended." This "Journalist should be fired on Monday Morning"
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Don't be this guy!
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Bitcoin Dice Gambling. Supports Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero and Dash
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NANO passes Bitcoin Cash in 24h Volume
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JPMorgan trader now trades bitcoin and feels banks cannot catch up with crypto
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Gridcoin for Bitcoin on Bisq
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Georgia Looks To Join Arizona In Accepting Bitcoin For Tax Payment.