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Rank Name Price Market cap Volume
1 Bitcoin logo
Bitcoin [BTC]
Mkt Cap R$412.49 B Volume R$10.53 B
R$23,794.52$ 6,405.69 R$412.49 B R$10.53 B ฿ 443K -0.34%
2 Ethereum logo
Ethereum [ETH]
Mkt Cap R$76.77 B Volume R$3.51 B
R$747.37฿ 0.0314 R$76.77 B R$3.51 B ETH 4.69 M -1.37%
3 XRP logo
Mkt Cap R$66.83 B Volume R$1.10 B
R$1.671฿ 0.00007033 R$66.83 B R$1.10 B XRP 657.50 M -1.92%
4 Bitcoin Cash logo
Mkt Cap R$28.49 B Volume R$1.14 B
R$1,635.62฿ 0.069 R$28.49 B R$1.14 B BCH 699K -1.62%
5 EOS logo
Mkt Cap R$18.32 B Volume R$1.34 B
R$20.22฿ 0.00083419 R$18.32 B R$1.34 B EOS 66.19 M -1.26%
6 Stellar logo
Stellar [XLM]
Mkt Cap R$17.33 B Volume R$128.07 M
R$0.92฿ 0.00003756 R$17.33 B R$128.07 M XLM 139.62 M -1.78%
7 Litecoin logo
Litecoin [LTC]
Mkt Cap R$11.36 B Volume R$995.50 M
R$193.03฿ 0.0081 R$11.36 B R$995.50 M LTC 5.16 M +0.09%
8 Tether logo
Tether [USDT]
Mkt Cap R$7.49 B Volume R$6.21 B
R$3.607TUSD 0.97 R$7.49 B R$6.21 B USDT 1.72 B -0.08%
9 Cardano logo
Cardano [ADA]
Mkt Cap R$7.36 B Volume R$66.46 M
R$0.284฿ 0.00001170 R$7.36 B R$66.46 M ADA 234.22 M -1.87%
10 Monero logo
Monero [XMR]
Mkt Cap R$6.48 B Volume R$524.41 M
R$392.61฿ 0.0162 R$6.48 B R$524.41 M XMR 1.34 M -0.90%