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Bitcoin Wealth Review: Scam Or Legit?




Bitcoin Wealth is a popular tool that is advertised as being able to assist investors in generating hundreds or thousands of dollars every day after making an investment of $250 or higher. With such a claim, you may be wondering if this trading robot is legit. The following guide provides an answer to this question while also detailing everything you should know about Bitcoin Wealth and how to use it.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high win rate
  • For both large and small traders
Min Deposit

Is Bitcoin Wealth Legitimate?

Bitcoin Wealth is definitely a legitimate trading robot that can help you make a substantial amount of money every day depending on how much you invest. The majority of reviews that can be found online pertaining to Bitcoin Wealth state that this tool is among the best trading robots around. Bitcoin Wealth has claimed that their overall win rate is upwards of 90 percent with a high level of accuracy. While it's not guaranteed that your investments will provide high returns, Bitcoin Wealth is among the better tools available for you to invest with.

It's recommended that you start small with relatively low investments to make sure you get a handle on using this tool before you invest a significant sum of your money. When looking at the legitimacy of Bitcoin Wealth, there are several factors that are taken into consideration, which include online reviews, personal experience, how it compares to other trading robots, and transparency. While testing Bitcoin Wealth extensively, no issues have been found. In fact, the majority of individuals who use this tool have a positive experience when doing so.

What Is the Bitcoin Wealth Tool?

Bitcoin Wealth is an automatic trading platform that uses complex computer algorithms to assess all of the crypto markets. With the finalized assessment, this platform can make informed trading decisions with your money. While the majority of trading robots use a somewhat rudimentary and basic system to analyze the markets, Bitcoin Wealth uses advanced Artificial Intelligence, which they believe allows them to make accurate decisions that pay off. The market is also scanned by this tool to detect various trading signals from notable traders before making decisions based on these signals. The main cryptocurrencies that can be traded through Bitcoin Wealth include Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Monero, and Neo.

This particular tool works by making money regardless of how the market is moving, which is done by analyzing all of the assets and making final trading decisions based on this analysis. If the algorithms that are used by Bitcoin Wealth determine that the price of Ethereum will drop significantly, the next trade will involve a short sale. Because of how this program works, you can invest in Bitcoin Wealth without having any additional knowledge about making investments.

All that needs to be done to start using Bitcoin Wealth is to create an account and install the app. Since this trading platform handles trades automatically, you won't be required to handle trading decisions or research for future investments. However, you will need to open and close your trading sessions, which takes as little as 15-20 minutes each day. Even though this app is free to use, you will need to make a deposit of at least $250 before you can start making investments.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high win rate
  • For both large and small traders
Min Deposit

Who Is the Founder of Bitcoin Wealth?

Bitcoin Wealth was originally founded by millionaire and crypto investor Max Carney. He also founded Crypto Wealth, which is another reputable and popular trading platform for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Wealth was designed using some of the strategies that Carney has used for trading cryptocurrencies over the years. He claims that these strategies come with a success rate of just above 99 percent. The sterling reputation of this particular trading platform makes it likely that this claim is at least mostly accurate.

Benefits of Using Bitcoin Wealth

There are many notable benefits that come with using the Bitcoin Wealth platform. For one, many customers who have used this platform in the past believe that it's among the more reliable and effective trading robots around. In fact, this platform is commonly placed at the top alongside such options as Bitcoin Loophole and Bitcoin Code. The main benefits of using Bitcoin Wealth include:

  • Provides excellent and reliable customer service
  • Is an accurate trading platform
  • Has a success rate of around 88 percent
  • Simple to install and use
  • Comes with a straightforward fee mechanism

Before you invest your money into Bitcoin Wealth, you should understand that there's always a possibility that you will lose some or all of the money that you've invested. While this tool boasts an accuracy rate of 88 percent, there's no guarantee that your money will be put towards successful trades. However, the high success rate of this tool means that your risk is effectively lowered.

How Much You Can Make With Bitcoin Wealth

The trading strategies and methods that are employed by Bitcoin Wealth are designed to take advantage of every opportunity for profit, which means that there's a possibility that you will obtain high profits in a short period of time. It's believed that investing higher amounts of capital with the platform increases the chances of making more money with Bitcoin Wealth.

However, you should always start small when you're using a new trading platform for the first time. Once you've learned how to effectively use the platform, you can start increasing your investments without issue. Keep in mind that you should always avoid investing money into the trading platform that you simply can't afford to lose. Even though there's around a one percent chance of losing money when using this app, you should still be cautious when investing your own money.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high win rate
  • For both large and small traders
Min Deposit

How Does This Tool Work?

The computer algorithms that are used by Bitcoin Wealth will analyze the data from cryptocurrency markets in order to make smart trades that are based entirely on the analysis of this data. These trades are placed automatically, which means that there's nothing for you to do but open and close the trades each day. Bitcoin Wealth claims that it's possible to make thousands of dollars every day using the investment strategies that they employ. During the day, you only need to monitor your account for 20 minutes or less.

It's also possible to make money no matter which direction the markets are moving. Since cryptocurrency markets are highly unpredictable, the underlying AI technology with Bitcoin Wealth makes it beneficial to use compared to some other trading platforms. Along with the trading algorithms that are used by Bitcoin Wealth, this tool also makes money for its users by employing the signalling strategy.

The app that you can download for Bitcoin Wealth works by scanning for individuals on the market who are currently making high profits. Bitcoin Wealth will copy these traders and add the same trades to your account, which should help you make a substantial sum of money in a short period of time. It's believed that Bitcoin Wealth identifies successful traders by looking at their trading history as well as how consistent they have been in making profits with their trades. Both artificial intelligence and blockchain technology are used to ensure that the trading signals identified by Bitcoin Wealth are accurate.

How to Trade With Bitcoin Wealth

All it takes to trade with Bitcoin Wealth is to create an account, deposit your money, and start trading. When you create an account with this trading platform, they will provide you with videos that can guide you through the trading process in a simple and intuitive manner. This process is straightforward and secure, which means that you should be confident when making an account with Bitcoin Wealth.

Unfortunately, Bitcoin Wealth cannot be used in all countries and does not allow users to try out the platform before investing $250 or more. While Bitcoin Wealth is reputable and well-liked by many traders, you might find it frustrating that you're unable to test the platform before providing them with your money. You can determine if this platform is available in your country by navigating to the Bitcoin Wealth signup page.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high win rate
  • For both large and small traders
Min Deposit

How to Sign Up

The signup process on Bitcoin Wealth is a simple one that should only take you around 10 minutes to complete. We've found that this signup process is among the best around when compared to other trading platforms. The data that you provide is protected by numerous security measures that you can trust in. The platform also doesn't ask you for any unnecessary information about yourself and has proven that they don't use the information you provide for any other purpose save for allowing you to create an account and trade on their platform.

When you navigate to the Bitcoin Wealth homepage, you'll find a form that you can fill out in order to get started with your account creation. The main pieces of information that must be provided on this form include your name and email address. Since very little of your personal information is collected, you should be able to effectively maintain your online privacy. Once you've submitted the form, the data that you've provided will be protected by the SSL protocol, which encrypts all data that goes from the web server to the browser. Without this SSL protection, the data that's kept on the platform would be open to hackers.

Depositing and Withdrawing Money

In order to conduct trading with the Bitcoin Wealth platform, you will need to deposit at least $250. While the software is free, the $250 deposit that you make is designed to act as your investment capital to support future trades. Keep in mind that a very small percentage of your profits will be taken as commission by Bitcoin Wealth. However, this is true of all trading platforms and robots. The main deposit and withdrawal options available to you include China Pay, MasterCard, Visa, and wire transfer. While this selection of payment methods might include your preferred option, other trading platforms accommodate many more options.

Any transaction that you make with Bitcoin Wealth should be fully processed within 24 hours, which is comparable to other trading robots. One notable aspect of Bitcoin Wealth is that they don't store your banking details, which means that your information will be safe even if a hacker gets inside your trading account.

Live Trading Details

When you use the Bitcoin Wealth platform, you will have the ability to make trades automatically or manually depending on your overall preference. If you decide to make manual trades, you will be tasked with assessing the trading signals that are captured by Bitcoin Wealth and making corresponding trades based on the information that you receive. When looking at automatic trading, the app will place the right trades based on the signals that they receive from other traders. If you have absolutely no experience with trading and would like the platform to handle practically everything for you, automatic trading might be your best option. However, both manual and automatic trading are good strategies for beginners.

Even experienced investors will typically decide to use automatic investing since this option doesn't require as much time investment as manual trading. Since you will need to close trading sessions, it's important that you try to monitor your account regularly when a trading session is open. If you expect to be busy soon after the trading session opens, it's recommended that you close the session to avoid keeping it open for too long. There is always going to be a small amount of risk that comes with investing your money with an automatic trading platform, which is why monitoring your account is essential. Make sure that you start out with the minimum required investment so that you can get a handle on how to use the trading platform before you've invested too much money.

Trading Platforms for Bitcoin Wealth

When you want to use Bitcoin Wealth, the app for this trading robot is available on web browsers as well as iOS and Android devices. If you have the latest iPhone, you should be able to download the Bitcoin Wealth app without issue. This app is free to download if you're interested in it. However, the browser version of Bitcoin Wealth is considered to be the best option since it comes with more features and is simpler to navigate.

Final Verdict

After extensive testing here at Coinlib, we believe that Bitcoin Wealth is a legitimate trading platform that works well and can help you generate high returns on the money that you invest. However, risk is always involved with making cryptocurrency trades, which is why it's important that you're smart with your investments and don't take on more than you can handle. After you have learned how to properly use the Bitcoin Wealth platform, it's easy to upgrade your account past the $250 option.


Q: Is this trading platform legitimate and reputable? A: The trading platform is legitimate based on the reviews that you can find online as well as personal experience. However, there's always a possibility that you will prefer other reputable trading robots and platforms.

Q: How much money can be made with Bitcoin Wealth? A: Bitcoin Wealth is designed to maximize all of the trading opportunities that they recognize during a trading session no matter the amount of money that you invest. If you want to make thousands of dollars every day, you will likely need to make a higher investment than the $250 minimum.

Q: How does the trading platform work? A: Computer algorithms and artificial intelligence are used to look at the cryptocurrency markets and identify possible trading opportunities. If you have selected manual trading, Bitcoin Wealth will provide you with trading recommendations. These trades will automatically be handled for you if you select automatic trading.

Q: How much does it cost to use Bitcoin Wealth? A: The app is entirely free to download on all compatible devices. The app will, however, take a small commission fee when you generate profits.

Q: What kind of investment should I make with Bitcoin Wealth? A: You should definitely start with the minimum required investment of $250 while you get acclimated to the platform. Once you're accustomed to how Bitcoin Wealth works, you should be able to invest more without running into a problem.

Q: Is this trading platform regulated? A: There are no regulations placed on trading apps like Bitcoin Wealth. However, the brokers with Bitcoin Wealth must comply with any regulations that are held in their jurisdiction.

Q: What kind of risk do I have when trading with Bitcoin Wealth? A: The people behind Bitcoin Wealth claim that using the tool comes with an accuracy rate of more than 99 percent, which means that the risk of losing capital is relatively low.

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