Bit Ai App 360 Review 2023: A Way to Make Attractive Crypto Trading Profits




Although market conditions have been like a virtual rollercoaster, many people are still making considerable profits from cryptocurrency trading. This leaves new and aspiring traders wondering how they do it. These successful people have found the keys to unlocking the secrets of success for smarter leveraging. They use smart tools with a combination of industry knowledge and reports to win. With the cryptocurrency market constantly evolving, many people get frustrated as they try to learn the changes and then realize that even more transformations have taken place. Trying to learn the market and keep up with changes is almost impossible for busy people.

Without sacrificing all their free time, one of the ways that successful traders make their amazing profits is with automatic bots or trading websites. Smart software programs are designed to find, analyze and report critical information that relates to the cryptocurrency market. Additionally, smart tools can use that information to execute successful trades that earn the highest profits. With artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technologies, traders can have access to programs that seek out and complete deals on their behalf quicker than experienced human traders can work.

Bit Ai App 360  is one of those programs. It is free to register for an account and free to use the robot through the online software. It has a reported win rate of 88%, which is the combined average win rate for all users. The actual win rate for individual users may be higher or much lower, and it can vary for all trading sessions. Actual win rates depend on trade amounts, trade frequency, market conditions, trading time, and more.

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What Is Bit Ai App 360?

Bit Ai App 360  is an automatic cryptocurrency trading platform. It uses AI and other technologies to scan and analyze market trends, study ideal transaction patterns and execute profitable transactions. Users do not have to manually perform the functions that cryptocurrency traders normally perform. The robot does this on its behalf, which means that it buys and sells cryptocurrencies and pairs. Users who execute daily trading sessions have a higher chance of winning more.

Although the market is unpredictable with some losses expected, there is the potential for great profits when users let the bot do its job at ideal times. Bit Ai App 360  is designed to provide passive income to people who are too busy to become full-time traders who perform manually. Fortunately, the platform is easy to access and use. It helps to fully understand the technology and the signup process before attempting to use it.

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Bit Ai App 360 Technology

With AI and special algorithms, the robot can execute hundreds of trades in a matter of minutes. Human traders do not have the ability to do that. Its analytical abilities are sophisticated, and it knows how to find the most important information from the market. Also, it is continually scanning for new information. The most important thing to understand about this robot's combined technologies is that they allow it to utilize qualitative and quantitative data simultaneously, and it can make informed decisions much faster than humans. In analyzing the predictive abilities of this robot, it is evident that it can accurately predict some market trends as well. Another technological advantage that the platform has is its customization options. For traders who want to mix pairs, this may be especially useful.

Bit Ai App 360 Signup Process

First, read the terms and conditions to understand them. Registration is simple and quick. The creators of the platform designed it to be both useful and easy to learn for beginners. Before registering, click the link on the registration page about service availability.

If the platform is not available in a certain country, a user cannot register. The countries where it is accessible may change as laws change. If the platform is allowed, the next step is registration. For a new account, the platform requires a valid email address and a phone number. Also, people must register using their legal names that match any connected financial accounts. Users must select a strong password after their account details are verified. Overall, the signup process gets high ratings for being easy and not too invasive with personal information requirements.

Bit Ai App 360 Deposits

After creating an account, users must deposit funds before they can make trades with real money. The makers of the platform and other reviewers recommend getting comfortable with trading in demo mode before leveraging real money. That will be covered in an upcoming section. For deposits, the platform currently accepts credit cards and Sofort. The minimum deposit to start trading is $250.

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Bit Ai App 360 Withdrawals and Fees

There are no per-transaction fees with this platform. When users want to make a withdrawal, they can do so through the member dashboard. The withdrawal process is quick and easy. It may take a little more time than usual if a user requests a withdrawal at the same time that a financial account is initially linked for receiving payment. This may take up to a couple of days.

Most withdrawals to linked accounts are credited to users within 24 hours of withdrawal request submission. Although there are no fees for making withdrawals, the creators do assess a small commission from all wins. No fees or commissions are assessed for non-winning transactions. Since the program is free to use, this is how the creators are compensated for their work to make and maintain Bit Ai App 360.

Bit Ai App 360 Features

Because the platform is automatic, the features are simple. These are some of the most notable features to get accustomed to before starting live trading sessions.

Demo Mode

This is a practice mode. When it is active, any real funds that users have earned or have deposited are fully protected. The balance that appears on the screen is a fictitious balance, and no money can be gained or lost from it. The demo balance is to help users get comfortable with the other features and learn how trades work. Once users are comfortable with the features and feel confident enough to start a live trading session, they can put the robot to work by setting rules for it.

Take Profit and Daily Take Profit

A take profit is an amount that a user wants to win in profits. Think of it as a target profit. There are options to set a take profit for each trading session, and there is a limit option for a daily take profit. For example, a person may want to set a take profit at $50 and a daily take profit at $200 when leveraging a little higher than normal.

Maximum Concurrent Trades and Maximum Daily Trades

Concurrent trades happen at the same time. When a user sets a maximum number of concurrent trades, it is limited to the number of trades that can happen at a single time. The daily maximum specifies how many trades can take place before the robot must stop. For example, a user may set the maximum concurrent trades to two at a time, and the user may specify that the robot cannot complete more than 10 trades in a day.

Trade Amount

The trade amount is the sum that the robot can trade with each time. For example, a person may set it to $25 for lower leverage or $75 to leverage higher. It is better for beginners to start with lower amounts. The trade amount may be lost or may yield a profit.

Stop Loss

This feature is one of the most important ones to use. It limits losses based on a specific dollar amount per day. Also, it can override any other settings, such as concurrent and maximum trades. For example, if a person sets a trade amount of $25 and a daily stop loss of $50, the robot stops if it conducts two unsuccessful trades at the beginning of its activity. In this case, the user loses only $50. However, without a stop loss, the user could lose much more if the robot continues to make trades. If it wins several trades and then loses two later on, the user may come back to find a higher account balance instead of only losses.

Manual Mode

This is for experienced traders. With Bit Ai App 360, users can trade forex pairs or cryptocurrencies manually if they prefer. It is recommended to let the bot run in automatic mode as much as possible. However, experienced traders can toggle the automatic mode button off to use manual mode when it makes sense.

There are options to turn on assets for Litecoin, Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, American dollars, and euros as well.

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Benefits of Bit Ai App 360 

The biggest benefit is free signup and free access to the platform at all times. These are some of the other benefits that are useful and that other users rate highly in their own reviews.

Live Brokers

While the robot is carefully programmed to execute profitable trades frequently, there are live brokers to oversee some of the operations. Bit Ai App 360  uses live brokers to ensure that users make some profits and to ensure that the robot is always doing its job to the best of its abilities, which exceeds human capabilities.

Reasonable Win Rate

Some other cryptocurrency trading bots claim to have a win rate that is closer to 99%. However, many users say that those robots have win rates well under 90%. Bit Ai App 360 's win rate of 88% seems fair to most people who review it, and many people say that it is accurate. Also, some have found that the win rate was higher than it was for other platforms with loftier claims. In comparison, skilled human traders have average win rates between 50% and 70%.

Good Customer Service

At first glance, the main website does not offer much assurance of good customer service. However, that is not how to access it. Once users create an account, they have an easier way to access customer service, which is available 24/7. Based on the reviews of other users, customer service agents are knowledgeable and helpful. They are equipped to offer remote assistance to users in all countries where the platform is accessible. Also, users reported reasonable response times and overall satisfaction with how agents addressed their issues.

More Time to Learn

Since the robot acts independently within the set parameters, this gives users more time to research the cryptocurrency market. They can read news and start to see how the robot's actions make sense. Also, they can see how the robot completes trades in real-time.

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Potential Downsides of Bit Ai App 360 

There are some potential downsides, which are minimal. First, users do not have one-on-one coaching with brokers directly. However, the platform is designed to help users learn more about trading quickly.

While losing a small portion of winnings as a commission is part of using the platform, there are no other platforms that offer completely free registration and ongoing software use without a win commission. Also, the commission is fractional.

The other potential downside to using this platform is the lack of a mobile app. If the company decides to add one in the future, existing users can rest assured that they will learn about it and have free access to it. However, since the program is free to use, an online platform is more efficient and not as costly to the creators. It is simple, and it is designed to work well on a mobile internet browser for people who prefer to use their phones or tablets.

Success Tips for Getting Started

Some reviewers and experienced traders have offered advice about using this platform. Their advice is based on their own lessons from it and their win strategies. These are the main tips that they provided.

Start Smaller

Until new users get comfortable, experienced users recommend that they start with only the minimum deposit of $250. They also recommend starting with a trade amount of $25 and a daily stop loss of $50.

Learn the Market

Although no knowledge of the cryptocurrency market is required for a bot that intelligently gathers data, it helps to have a firm understanding of it. Learning the market will take a little time. However, experts recommend that new users spend about 20 minutes each day reading information or news about the cryptocurrency trading market.

Forex trading information is also helpful to research trading pairs. Learning this information does not have to be done with the goal of becoming an expert. The point of it is to understand trading decisions and activities that the robot makes. The makers of the program recommend that users limit the amount of time that they spend on the platform each day reviewing the robot's trades or conducting manual trades. This is because people can develop the temptation to make emotional decisions when they over-analyze such information. Since the robot uses qualitative and quantitative data without emotional interference, it has a better chance of completing successful trades on a regular basis.

Invest Profits

It is prudent to regularly review profits, withdraw them and reinvest all or some of them. Some people use bots to earn extra income. When doing this, users should be sure to set aside at least some of their profits to reinvest for a sustainable income strategy.

Choose Ideal Times

Choosing the wrong time to let the bot run is the easiest way to lose money. Experts recommend that new users learn when the markets open and close. This is based mostly on activity in the United States. However, foreign users must be mindful to account for the time differences. Once users learn the ideal times for trades, they can gain more profits. Letting the robot run all day and all night will lead to more disappointing outcomes.

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Is Bit Ai App 360 Worth It?

Since the platform is free to use and free to register for, it is definitely worth a try. Also, it has a low initial risk for users since it allows them to see how the features work in demo mode without losing real money. Additionally, the minimum deposit of $250 is less than what some programs require. The small commission that the platform retains is only based on wins, which makes Bit Ai App 360  even more worthwhile to try.

Overall Rating: 8.6/10

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