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Bitcoin Formula Review – Is This The Formula to Trading Success?

Even if you have never traded online before, you can now trade Bitcoin and other cryptos profitably with the Bitcoin Formula software. Get inside info with the following review:




The growing demand for cryptocurrencies and trading these digital assets, has encouraged the rise of different trading services that aim to act as a link between traders and the crypto market. Many tools, software solutions and trading signals have been developed to help traders master this profitable trading opportunity. Bitcoin Formula is an example of an intuitive and effective software solution that aims to provide a robust trading experience to those who want to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The big benefit of this software is that anyone can use it, even if you have never traded before.

In this review, we will look at Bitcoin Formula and will reveal honest and unbiased information about whether it works or not. In this way, you can make an educated decision about whether you want to also get in on this profitable trading action. So, let’s get started.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high win rate
  • For both large and small traders

Min Deposit

What is Bitcoin Formula?

In case you do not know what Bitcoin is, let us break it down for you. Bitcoin is the first digital currency that was ever made and it was released in 2009. It is a digital code that has value, and it can be accepted as a means of exchanging value or as a speculative investment. The latter forms the basis of trading cryptocurrencies. Market conditions, such as supply and demand, usually create volatile price movements, which in turn creates trading opportunities where traders can predict price direction and then make money if their prediction is correct. This is the basis of Bitcoin CFD trading – or contracts for difference. In this form of trading, you are not actually purchasing Bitcoin. Instead, you are simply making a prediction regarding the direction that the price of an asset will move. If you are correct, you will make a profit. As simple as that!

Bitcoin Formula is software developed by a group of developers, traders, and analysts that have a common goal of taking advantage of the shifting dynamics in the investment model. Of course, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are critical drivers of this shift, which has the potential to change the financial industry drastically. This team of dedicated professionals were highly motivated to develop the powerful and intuitive Bitcoin Formula software because they wanted to leverage factors, such as open markets and transparency, which are key drivers in mass adoption. The company aims to use automated trading software and other powerful tools in order to empower people to make money from trading cryptocurrencies

A Review of the Bitcoin Formula platform

Bitcoin Formula markets itself as an algorithm-based, automated, professional trading software that facilitates Bitcoin trading. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are currently an important topic, and they have been for the past few years. Some people, especially in the traditional finance segment, consider cryptocurrencies as risky investments, primarily due to the lack of regulation, since there is no central authority. Based on this, Bitcoin are referred to as decentralized currencies.

Despite the negative criticism that existed in the early days, the narrative is changing, and banks are embracing the use of blockchain-based services that leverage cryptocurrencies.  Hedge funds that are based on the cryptocurrency market have also been developed, and now, an intuitive and profitable algorithm-based trading software, that is Bitcoin Formula, has been developed to facilitate institutional-level trading through automated quantitative analysis. The system is designed to connect to most of the popular digital currency exchanges in the world, and this allows investors to access hundreds of cryptocurrencies on the trading platform.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high win rate
  • For both large and small traders

Min Deposit

Benefits of the Bitcoin Formula Software

The use of the Bitcoin Formula software provides the following advantages:

  • Provides access to both new and advanced traders to the cryptocurrency CFD markets and to profit with ease.
  • Automated trading guidelines, such as technical indicators and arbitrage, are used to facilitate cryptocurrency trading. That is, the software will analyze the markets for you and will pinpoint potentially profitable trading opportunities.
  • Live market data is processed from select cryptocurrency exchanges that are monitored by the system.
  • Hundreds of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Ripple, among others, are supported.

How To Sign Up With the Bitcoin Formula Software

Signing up with the Bitcoin Formula is easy to do and can be completed in a few easy steps. In addition, it is important to note that there is no cost to open an account, plus there are no hidden fees or costs.

Here are the steps required to create an account with the Bitcoin Formula:

  • The registration stage – You will need to open a Bitcoin Formula account if you want to trade on this platform, and the first step is to fill in the registration form which can be found on the official Bitcoin Formula website. You will be required to provide some basic personal information such as your full name, email address, country of residence and a telephone number. Once this information is submitted, you will become a member of Bitcoin Formula and your account will be activated. This also allows you free access to the platform’s trading software.
  • Deposit into your account – You will need to deposit into your new trading account so you can start trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Formula has a minimum deposit requirement of $250, although you can deposit a higher amount. The software will use this money to make profitable trades for you in your trading account.
  • Kick-start your trading journey and start making profits – Once you have partnered with one of Bitcoin Formula’s preferred brokers, you can commence your trading journey. Remember that you have the option of trading manually or activating automated trading. Simply set your trading parameters, letting the software know how much to invest per trade, the cryptos to trade, the risk level and more, and the software will start to analyze and scan the markets to pinpoint lucrative trading opportunities. Once a trading opportunity is found, the software will then enter the trade instantly. You do not even need to be in front of your computer and the Bitcoin Formula software will earn profits for you.

Choosing Cryptocurrencies to Trade Through Bitcoin Formula

The internet has evolved over the past few years to the point where transactions can now take place between people, even when they are thousands of miles away from each other. It is made possible thanks to online trading, and a large percentage of these types of trades happen on virtual platforms that facilitate bulk transactions simultaneously.  Businesses have also adapted to online opportunities by leveraging the internet in order to deliver services to clients, regardless of whether they are, thousands of miles away.

The need to enhance the delivery of services more efficiently has encouraged the adoption of blockchain-based and cryptocurrency-based solutions, for example, in property sales and stock trading. Using these services as an individual might not be secure and thus there is a need to go through a broker, in this case, a Bitcoin broker. Bitcoin brokerage firms are aimed at making sure that the needs of the client are met. Here are some of the criteria that Bitcoin Formula used when they selected brokers as their partners. It is these brokers that will provide you with access to the trading platform where the software will automatically trade for you once a profitable opportunity is found.


Exchanges have been the target of many crypto heists in the past since blockchain cannot be hacked, but malicious hackers sought the second next target, which was these exchanges. They hack into these exchanges and transfer cryptocurrencies into their accounts. Historically, cryptocurrency prices tend to drop every time there have been reports of a crypto heist. Based on this, the benefits of trading Bitcoin CFDs cannot be overstated. Here you are not dealing with an exchange and buying actual Bitcoin. Instead, you are trading Bitcoin CFDs with a broker. Based on this, the Bitcoin Formula has hand selected brokers that take the safety and accessibility of the trading environment very seriously, primarily through the use of anti-hacking software to facilitate the safety of the user’s money. Bitcoin Formula has also implemented such features on their platform.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high win rate
  • For both large and small traders

Min Deposit


The concepts of cryptocurrency trading are entirely new, primarily since they are decentralized due to the lack of regulations. However, some countries have a keen eye on brokerage firms to make sure that proceeds are not stolen or used in illegal activities, such as the sale of illegal drugs, fraud, and money laundering. It, therefore, makes sense to select the firm that is regulated by the leading regulatory bodies so that you can easily contact them in case you have an issue. Bitcoin Formula has only partnered with leading brokers in the industry that are regulated.  

Cost Implications

Brokers charge a small fee for facilitating transactions or trades on the trading platform. The higher the transaction volume for Bitcoins, the more profits the broker makes. However, this approach of using percentage to calculate profits might be costly over time, primarily due to the drop in cryptocurrency prices, therefore eating into the profits. However, some brokers do not charge any fees or commissions and instead, they earn money simply from the spread (the difference between the buy and sell price of an asset). With Bitcoin Formula, there are no hidden fees and costs, plus it is free to sign up with the software.

All-inclusive Trading Environment

The brokers that the Bitcoin Formula has partnered with offer a safe and all-inclusive trading environment which also provides traders with responsive and professional customer service, secure banking options for deposits and withdrawals, educational resources, trading tools and more.

Can You Trust Bitcoin Formula, or Should It Be Classified as a Scam?

Having done our research, we found out that Bitcoin Formula is currently one of the fastest-growing crypto software solutions, as well as the most profitable. Another main benefit is that anyone can use this software, even if you have no experience or an understanding of the markets.

So far, Bitcoin Formula has demonstrated impressive characteristics and even proved that it can be profitable and easy to use. Safe to say that it is not a scam, and it always provides significant returns. Its profit ratio is around 98%, and it also facilitates quick withdrawals, giving traders peace of mind that they can access their profits with ease and at any time. In addition, users can also access the software on their computers and their smartphones ensuring they can always watch their trades in action. If you want the opportunity to find financial freedom, then the Bitcoin Formula software should be your first choice. Sign up now.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high win rate
  • For both large and small traders

Min Deposit
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