Name Price Market cap Volume
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Mkt Cap $537K Volume $68K
$0.44฿ 0.00006931 $537K $68K XDNA 155K -5.50%
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Error after setting up Masternode script
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Check out this review of XDNA on CoinTelegraph!
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We have entered into a partnership with EVOLUTION HOST!
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XDNA is now listed on CoinMarketCap! This will bring XDNA to the global view of more than 50 million users and investors!
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We welcome XDNA to WalletInvestor.com where we feature market data and forecasts
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XDNA is among the top 3 in volume on CryptoBridge and top 10 volume on Masternodes.Online! Trading is also LIVE on Cryptopia! Links below.
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XDNA is now listen on Cryptopia! Withdrawals and deposits are now open. Trading will begin 24 hours from now!
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XDNA on Cryptopia!
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Due to our recent algorithm switch users must update their wallets to the latest version. This is a mandatory update.
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AMD miner for HEX algo available now. This is in the very Alpha stages and has slower than optimal hashrates for now!
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