How To Invest In Cryptocurrency In New Zealand: Beginner’s Guide To Get Started




Cryptocurrencies continue to become mainstream in New Zealand! With more investors turning out to be millionaires around the country and the globe, the industry is attracting several beginner investors to get started on their journey of crypto investments. However, it’s easier said than done! Since these tokens aren’t available in financial institutions, many investors are left wondering how to invest in cryptocurrency NZ.

And if you’re one of those investors too, this blog is for you. So, continue reading as we explore the different options on how to buy cryptocurrency in NZ. We have scoured the different steps involved in the process in the sections below. So, let’s get started! 

How To Buy Bitcoin In New Zealand 

No matter when you decide to get started with your crypto journey, buying them is effortlessly accessible! However, given their decentralized nature, you can’t simply buy them at any financial institution. Similar to how shares can be accessed at a dedicated platform, cryptos too have a dedicated platform where they can be bought. Primarily known as ‘crypto exchange,’ these platforms are your gateway to buying crypto in NZ. 

Designed to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies, these crypto exchanges work similarly to the stock exchange. However, every crypto exchange has a reliable payment method, layers of security, multiple funding options, and fee structure, which makes all the difference. 

To start your investment journey with crypto, you will need to access any of these crypto exchanges and start with trading or investing. However, things might get tough for you if you’re a beginner investor. After all, there are multiple steps and methods involved in converting your local (fiat) currency to funds for purchasing cryptos. 

Therefore, to simplify the process, we’ve listed down the steps required to get started with your journey. Check out these steps to understand how to buy cryptocurrency in NZ. 

Step 1. Choose where to buy

Let’s accept it, being a beginner; you’re not going to access all the advanced features which you might have needed for advanced strategies. And since you have the option of opening your account with different crypto exchanges later, you need to sign up with one beginner-friendly platform to get started. 

To begin, you can start up with a comparative analysis of the different crypto exchanges in terms of security, fee structure, features, and the presence of other necessary elements to necessitate transactions. Besides, you might also want to consider the different available cryptos on offer. 

Once done with the details, you can now curate a list of these exchanges while keeping the suggested factors in mind. 

  1. Fees: Every purchase and transaction initiated over a crypto exchange has a fee. And while the fee structure depends on payment methods, try looking for the most pocket-friendly options like PayID, POLi, or BPAY, as these payment processors allow free deposits. Additionally, since different exchanges have their fee structures around deposits, withdrawal, and fiat conversions, you might want to try shortlisting the exchanges with low spread, trading, and deposit fee.

Note: While many platforms allow you to fund your accounts using a credit card, the payments charged are generally high. In addition, payments received against credit cards are charged as a cash advance fee, making them a costly funding option. 

2. Coins: While Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin are among some of the most famous projects in the industry, we have other players too! Therefore, before you sign up with any of the exchanges, ensure that you check their available list of offerings. Of course, your ideal crypto exchange must have all the desired cryptos you want to add to your folio. On the other hand, if you’re going to go with prominent names like BTC and ETH, which are available in almost every exchange, try finding the one with maximum security and low fees.

3. Location: Being decentralized, crypto continues to be a matter of concern for many countries. Therefore, before registering with a local vendor, ensure that you check out the regulations and local rules. Additionally, to avoid any problems, you should also try looking for an exchange situated in New Zealand and regulated under IRD (Inland Revenue).

Step 2: Create an account

Once you’ve decided on the crypto exchange you want to buy Bitcoins in NZ; the next move is to create an account under them. This process is simple as you’d only be required to visit the exchange’s webpage and click on the ‘get started’ button. Once done, you’ll land on the account creation page of the exchange, and from here, you’ll be required to proceed with the process by putting your personal information, starting with your name and email address.

Once all the personal details are filled in, you’ll be required to authenticate your inputs to continue with the KYC (Know Your Customer) process, a legal step necessary for almost every New Zealand exchange. Here, you’ll want to keep details like a picture ID, a copy of a recent bank statement, or a utility bill with your address on it.


KYC is a process that is granted almost immediately. However, you can’t just get started to post the process.  In most cases, users need to wait for a few days before their account is validated. Moreover, that’s not all; once you have received your crypto wallet, you need to fund it to make a funds transfer to get started with buying crypto in NZ:

Step 3: Fund your account for initiating transactions

Once you have your account activated and authenticated, you’ll have the option to purchase cryptos using the following methods:  

Here’s a walkthrough of the different processes to fund your crypto wallets: 

  1. Depositing funds: Investing in cryptos via direct fund transfers from your bank account is the easiest way to get started with crypto investments. However, depending on the exchange rate and the banks involved, you might have to way a few days before the funds are highlighted in your account. 
  2. Purchasing via credit card: Investing in cryptos via a credit card is an effortless process. However, as mentioned earlier, it has its drawbacks too! To begin with, credit cards are designed to help initiate immediate transactions, not allowing the users to fund their exchanges in real-time. Second, the rates attracted by credit cards are way too high compared to a bank deposit. 

For instance, credit card companies will treat your transaction as a cash advance which will be higher than the standard rates. In addition, depending on the provider and the country, your cards might prevent you from buying cryptos.

3. Buying with a debit card: The third option to und your account is via a debit card. Interestingly, it is also treated similarly to a debit card with lower fees and costs. 

A debit card allows you to fund your account in real-time and has the lowest fee of all three choices. However, in case you’ve selected some other funding option, you needn’t worry about it as exchanges provide you with opportunities to change it later. 

Lastly, if you’re planning on making a large purchase, it is advisable to calculate the transaction fee involved in the process.

Step 4: Purchase your cryptocurrency

Given the different prices involved in different crypto projects, you might not always have the funds to purchase a complete unit of given crypto. Therefore, you might want to consider an exchange that allows you to invest in cryptos partially with funds as little as a few NZ dollars.

Second, when it comes to purchasing cryptos, it should be noted that several exchanges allow you to invest in cryptos in only one method. At the same time, other exchanges enable their investors to buy cryptos in either spot market or instant buy, among other options.

Let’s look into both the process:

Instant buy

An instant buy is an option that is limited to users funding their account using a credit card. This feature acts like a real-time option that can be used to buy you cryptos using the funds available in your exchange account. However, given its real-time functionality, it should be noted that this feature comes with high costs associated with it, and the exchange often takes place at market prices. This way, instant buy becomes an option that is a bit expensive when compared to the spot market as you’re likely to pay more. 

Additionally, there are extra costs that you’ll have to cover when you use a credit card for the transaction. Therefore, when choosing the real-time purchase method, ensure that you utilize it over a crypt asset that you’re sure will make considerable moves. 

Spot market

Often referred to as “Trade” or “Spot,” the spot market is unlike the instant buy option as here you’ll be allowed to define your conditions over a purchase or sale. Here, you have the option to place your order in such a manner that it’ll only be initiated once the trade is in your buy/sell zone. 

Under spot orders, you’ll also have the option to place a limit order. This is the second most popular order type where you’re allowed to specify your prices. However, it should be noted that depending on the exchange; you might come across different trading alternatives.

Regardless of the exchange you select to start your crypto journey, these four steps will sum up your experience similarly. 

However, now that you have all the options in hand, you might still be confused about ‘how to invest in cryptocurrency NZ.’ 


Because even after the factors you have in hand, the several exchanges present in the market will confuse you with the option to go with. Therefore, to save you from the trouble, we have listed some of the top crypto exchanges in NZ to help you get started! 

Where To Buy Bitcoin In New Zealand

Easy Crypto

Easy Crypto is a popular destination among advanced and beginner investors when thinking of the different exchanges to buy, sell, or trade in cryptos in New Zealand. This platform offers a non-custodial wallet route and allows users to invest in cryptos via a private wallet and receive settlements for their purchases. Moreover, the exchange has come a long way to ensure the safety and security of its users.

What sets the platform apart is its slew of advantages available among the users. To begin with, the platform ensures the complete safety of the user’s funds, followed by seamless funding options like bank transfer or POLI instant pay. Easy Crypto can also highlight that you can use automatic recurring orders to employ dollar-cost-averaging strategies. Additionally, users of the platform can also utilize the crypto swaps functionality to make the most of any given trade. 

Additional Details:

Accepted Payment methods: Local bank transfer or POLI instant pay

Fees: The fee structure is included in spreads. Depending on the markets, the fee structure is flexible at around 0.5-0.9%. 

Minimum order size: NZ$100

Coins available: 109, including Bitcoin


Launched in 2017, Binance is a trusted name, with its global footprints spreading strongly. In addition, the platform is a trusted name for the extensive list of exchanges available in New Zealand. Touted as the largest crypto exchange in terms of its daily turnover, this is an excellent option if you want to liquidate your funds easily.  

Users of the platform can choose among 365 different cryptos to diversify their folio. The simple to use platform also brings in a slew of additional services like derivative products, crypto fixed-income products, and margin trading. Besides all the added functionalities, users from New Zealand get access to a local gateway for purchasing cryptos. 

Additional Details:

Accepted Payment Methods: Credit, debit card via Simplex

Fees: The platform accepts card processing at a 3.5% fee with a minimum US$10 fee. 

Minimum order size: US$30, approximately NZ$46

Coins available: 18 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin


Third, on our list, we have Swyftx, one of the latest additions to the crypto exchanges, which launched its dedicated services for New Zealand in August 2021. The platform operates with a focus on its low fee and minimal spread structure, backing its users with various coin choices to diversify their folio. Moreover, the clean and simple UI of Swyftx, backed by its added functionalities for advanced traders, makes it a reliable platform for every user. 

Users have access to over 280+ different coins, including the likes of Bitcoin, almost all of which are sourced via the Swyftx order page. Overall, Swyftx stands out as a reliable platform option due to its local funding options, reliable mobile application, and 24/7 customer service. 



Additional Details:

Accepted payment methods: To buy cryptos in New Zealand, the platform only supports bank transfers at the moment. 

Withdrawal fees: NZ$10 fee for a minimal withdrawal of NZ$30.

Limits: No trading limits, with a daily deposit of up to NZ$50,000

Coins available: 280+ different coins, including Bitcoins


When talking of different crypto exchanges available in New Zealand, you can’t miss out on LocalBitcoins, an established platform that has been in the markets since 2012. A well-known name among the BTC community, the platform works differently than the traditional platforms as it allows sellers and buyers to place listings and reply to individual ads. Adding to it, they can also negotiate directly or mutually agree on the payment methods and the price. 


Users of the LocalBitcoins platform get access to a secure wallet which helps them initiate transactions. Besides, in terms of the fee structure, the person creating the ad listing on the website covers a 1% fee of the transaction value. 



Additional Details:

Payment methods: Depending on the seller’s agreement 

Fees: 1% of the transaction, covered by the person listing the ad

Minimum order size: Set by the seller 

Coins available: Currently limited to Bitcoin only


Last on our list of established crypto exchanges; we have BitPrime, another popular crypto exchange based out of New Zealand. The platform has registered itself as an NZ financial services provider, allowing the investors and traders to deal with several cryptos, including the likes of Bitcoin. However, since the company calls itself a crypto retailer, it doesn’t act as a wallet like the others on the list.

Additionally, when completing your purchase with BitPrime, the company doesn’t cover you over the loss of money. The transfer fee is generally 5% for card payments and will charge you a 2.9% fee for transfers below NZ$20,000. Lastly, to use BitPrime, users need to get themselves a cryptocurrency wallet first.



Additional Details:

Payment methods: Account transfers, debit, credit card, and POLi 

Fees: The fee structure depends on the order size and payment methods 

Minimum order size: NZ$100 for Bitcoin

Coins available: 89+ different coins, including Bitcoin

Takeaway Tips To Keeping Cryptos Securely

When investing your money in the financial markets, you’d want to do it via an approved and licensed broker who can deal with or issue the instruments and function as a custodian to overlook your assets and collateral. 

Besides, the crypto market, for the most part, lacks these balances and checks. As a result, investors are on their own to protect their digital assets from mishaps or crises.

Therefore, considering all the situations in place, the best way to ensure the safety of your crypto funds is by storing them in reliable hardware wallets that add an extra safety net to the funds. Furthermore, these wallets come with their private key, which is later used for signing transactions, allowing the users to transfer cryptos with complete safety.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Regulation In New Zealand

While the crypto ecosystem ensures the security of the users via its unregulated Blockchain, the hassle-free ledger is also prone to security threats. Despite the highly secure technology which ensures complete safety of the crypto transactions, cryptojackers and hackers have managed to make the most of the existing loopholes. Consequently, New Zealand has also targeted some of these crypto-related scams. 

Considering the given instances, the existing taxation policies in New Zealand have started to include taxes on the income generated via crypto assets. The country’s IRD (Inland Revenue) allows crypto assets to be treated as tangible assets.

Additionally, the IRD similarly treats crypto assets to gold, as both these assets don’t generate any income while holding them but are acquired for sales. Further in the future, the chances are that the Kiwi authority might consider a revolution to promote cautious crypto investing.

Best Crypto Exchange – Conclusion

Looking at the different available options we currently have around investing in cryptocurrency NZ,  every crypto trading platform advertises itself as the best! However, things become more challenging when you have to decide practically. This is where our conclusion on the best crypto exchange NZ might help you register yourself with a reliable option. 

Our opinion of a beginner-friendly and reliable crypto exchange goes with Sywftx. The platform is designed with a clean UI, maintaining a transparent fee structure and functionalities to cater to every type of user. However, we also understand that no one solution fits all! Therefore, before you decide to settle with any of the crypto exchanges on our list, we suggest you do your research around the same. 


1. Are cryptos legal in New Zealand?

Yes, currently, cryptos and cryptocurrency exchanges are legal in New Zealand. However, if you’re an investor or a trader, you’ll be taxed on the profits made upon your crypto investment and trades. This is because the country considers cryptos a tangible asset like gold. 

2. How can I sell cryptos in New Zealand?

Selling cryptos in New Zealand is relatively easy! You have access to various platforms, including the likes of crypto brokers and exchanges. You simply need to create an account under them and convert your cryptos to fiat currencies to sell your cryptos. Additionally, you also have the option to convert your cryptos to BTC.

3. What’s the easiest way to buy crypto in New Zealand?

The simple and most effortless way to get started with a crypto purchase is to use a reliable crypto exchange or a broker. Their services make it easy for investors to get started with crypto investments over a few clicks. Adding to it, they’re also easy to use and safe for your funds. 

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