As a decentralized knowledge source, Everipedia+PredIQt incorporates a prediction market, a money market, and an asset system.


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What Is Everipedia [IQ]?

To help us realize our goal of a world where everyone, anywhere can contribute to the sharing of their knowledge and provide value to others, Everipedia makes use of blockchain technology.


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A Step-by-Step Guide to Purchasing Everipedia [IQ] Quickly

Step 1: Create An Account

To buy Everipedia coins, you have to choose an exchange that is trustworthy and reliable. Then create an account on that exchange. We would recommend Binance or Coinbase crypto exchange platforms on which you can exchange your favorite cryptocurrencies. On the signup page, fill in all your personal information and secure your account with a password. 


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Step 2. Deposit Money

After creating an account, you have to fund it. You can choose any payment method such as credit/debit card, Paypal, bank transfer, etc. We would prefer that you start with a little initial investment. 

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Step 3: Purchase Everipedia

When you successfully fund your account with money, you have to buy Bitcoin with fiat money. Then you can convert your BTC to Everipedia cryptocurrency. Then, purchase a wallet and store your Everipedia coins in your wallet to secure them and trade them whenever you need them. 


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How To Purchase Everipedia [IQ] Using A Variety Of Methods? 

Purchasing Everipedia is fairly simple these days. You may pay with cash, a credit card, or even PayPal if you choose. However, you must still take a few anchor Protocols to complete it - which is why we created this simple guide for you! It is divided into sections; simply follow the one that corresponds to your mode of purchasing.


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How to Buy Everipedia [IQ] Using a Credit Card or Debit Card?

Your initial step will always be to purchase Bitcoins or Ethereum using a credit card. After that, they can be converted to Everipedia.

Take the following steps:

  • Purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum from a reputable exchange.
  • Transfer Bitcoin or Ethereum to a cryptocurrency exchange that accepts Everipedia.
  • Finally, convert your Bitcoin or Ethereum into Everipedia.

How To Buy Everipedia [IQ] Using PayPal?

You can also choose Paypal Method to purchase Everipedia coins. Millions of people trade cryptocurrencies and Everipediacoins with Paypal. But, there is no method to buy Everipedia directly with fiat money. You have to make a purchase of Bitcoin or Ethereum from any exchange of your choice. Then, you can transfer your BTC coins to Everipedia. 

How To Buy Everipedia [IQ] Using eWallets (Skrill, Neteller)

Just like any other method, you can choose eWallets method (Skrill, Neteller) to acquire Everipediacoin such as Everipedia. Skrill is a worldwide payment system that allows users to immediately deposit or transfer payments. Skrill serves over 200 nations around the world and allows users to transfer money in over 40 currencies, making it one of the simplest methods to purchase bitcoin (BTC) globally.

How To Buy Everipedia [IQ] Using a Bank Wire

The cheapest way to purchase Everipedia is through a bank transfer method. Millions of people feel comfortable buying cryptocurrencies using the bank transfer method. The transaction fee is very low that everyone can afford. however, it might be time-consuming. If we compare the bank transfer method with other methods, then we would come to know that buying with a credit/debit card is the quickest option but it will be an expensive method. 


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How to Buy Everipedia [IQ] Using Payoneer? 

On your Payoneer account, select Buy Bitcoin from the drop-down option to purchase Everipedia. Choose Payoneer as your payment method, enter the number of bitcoins you want to buy, choose your desired currency, and then click Find offers. Examine the many Bitcoin providers and select the one that offers you the best price. After that, you may exchange your Bitcoins BTC for Everipedia.


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What are the future plans of this trading system for secure trading?

As one of Ethereum's leading scalability solutions, the system expressly selected to incorporate Chainlink VRF onto the Polygon PoS chain. It is possible for the network to guarantee that NFT lotteries and all transactions are highly cost-effective and rapid to conduct by using Polygon technology.

What is the average number of circulation of Everipedia [IQ]?

There are 10,021,451,512 IQ coins in circulation, and the maximum supply is 21,000,000,000 IQ coins.


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