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About Zilliqa

Zilliqa is a shared ledger based on transaction handling and a decentralized application (app) system emphasizing growth that is already in innovative progress.


Partitioning is the crucial element that allows Zilliqa to grow outside achievable using current blockchain systems like Ethereum. Partitioning is the technique of separating a blockchain system into multiple tiny subnetworks to perform trades and computations simultaneously.


Unlike several existing high-performance platforms, Zilliqa trade performance should improve as the number of system connections improves.


As per the Zilliqa advancement staff, the system should eventually be capable of mirroring the payment execution pace of VISA and MasterCard, but now with cheaper costs and without depending on a centralized infrastructure.


What is Zilliqa (ZIL)?

Zilliqa is an open-source, shared public ledger that provides fast capacity by processing millions of trades each second. It uses partitioning as a second-layer amplification technique to address the problem of cryptocurrency network growth and efficiency. Much decentralized software is available on the system, and beginning of October 2020, it will also include staking and payout harvesting.


The production of the Zilliqa network began in June 2017, and the testnet became online in March 2018. The network's coinage was introduced somewhat over a year after, in June 2019.


ZIL, Zilliqa's indigenous value coin, is employed to handle network trades and implement decentralized applications.



Who founded the Zilliqa Coin?

Prateek Saxena, a deputy professor, working in the National University of Singapore Faculty of Technology, was the brains behind Zilliqa. In 2016, Saxena and many Faculty of Technology colleagues submitted a study describing how partitioning-focused blockchain technology could increase system productivity and effectiveness.


Saxena co-created Anquan Capital with Max Kantelia, a long-term financial and technology investor, and Juzar Motiwalla, the vice head of the Singapore Technology Organization, in about the same timeframe. In June 2017, the business established Zilliqa Survey to further grow the Zilliqa system, appointing Dong Xinshu as CEO, Yaoqi Jia as CTO, and Amrit Kumar as chief scientific representative. All three were earlier employed at the faculty of technology as survey assistants.

Why is Zilliqa Unique?

Zilliqa promises to become the earliest public ledger to use a partitioning network exclusively. According to the company, this enables it to reach tremendous bandwidth and a significant frequency of payments each second, which it claims addresses the scalability problem. Since each fragment performs payment operations independently, the number of gains that can be achieved doubles as the system develops and the quantity of components grows. Furthermore, entries are instantaneously posted to the Zilliqa blockchain after processing, requiring no further verification delay.


Zilliqa aspires to create a public blockchain of preference for significant corporate applications, along with advertising, e-sports, media, finance and insurance, and transactions. The system's staff stated in its 2018 policy statement that it "intends to challenge existing centralised transaction mechanisms such as VISA and MasterCard."



What exchanges offer Zilliqa for purchase?

Zilliqa's indigenous coin, ZIL, is accessible for trading alongside paper currencies, altcoins, and other cryptocurrencies on multiple prominent crypto trading platforms, notably Binance, Huobi, Bitfinex, etc. Bithumb.


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ZIL is currently trading at $0.11 and is rated 82 in the list of best performing 100 altcoins on Coinmarketcap, with a notable increase of 0.40 percent at this writing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Zilliqa have a future?

Several cryptocurrency enthusiasts have predicted Zilliqa's value. According to betting experts, Zilliqa's value may hit $0.29 by the end of 2021. Ultimately, however, Zilliqa's relatively brief status is uncertain. Many crypto specialists believe it has a good destiny.

What can Zilliqa be used for?

ZIL, Zilliqa's coin, should be utilized for storing, transferring, and claiming and is required to manage and operate the system. Users obtain the capacity to decide on system enhancements by possessing and pledging ZIL, per vote equivalent to the sum of ZIL they bet.


Blockchain and public ledger platforms will tend to struggle with growth. Unlike many other projects, Zilliqa is a significant initiative that is addressing growth head-on. As a result, the network could indeed constitute a significant advancement in a public ledger. I hope to see Zilliqa's public access partitioning discoveries used in other blockchain initiatives in the future years.


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