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Waves are frequently referred to be the bitcoin world's "Kickstarter." Anyone can build their coin in minutes using the platform. This enables Wave users to quickly set up a funding mechanism for any project, which can spur widespread development. 


Alexander Ivanov built the Waves platform in 2016. Its token sale was one of the most successful at the time, raising $16 million.


Waves can be purchased fairly easily these days. You can pay with cash, a credit card, or even PayPal! 


However, there are a few guidelines to take, which is why we created this simple guide for you! It is divided into sections; simply follow the one which corresponds to your payment method.


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About Waves

Waves are primarily concerned with providing a platform for generating and exchanging tokens. A Chrome application can be used to issue and transfer these tokens directly from the browser. A computer can also be used to download and run the complete Waves apps.


Third parties can then buy, trade, and sell the tokens that have been created without the need for centralization. Custom Software Tokens, or CATs for short, are these tokens. Waves has its cryptocurrency, known as the WAVE unit.


What is Waves [WAVES]?

In the growing tokenized procedures, Waves is a technology for borderless decentralized apps. The Waves Association, which promotes protocol development and research with grants and encourages its adoption within Web 3.0 solution providers, is in charge of distributed monitoring of the Waves protocol.


Users can take advantage of all of Waves' advanced protocol's features for free and contribute to developing the next-generation Web, which is built on a stack designed to prevent programming errors that can lead to serious errors – and interact with blockchain-enabled applications seamlessly and securely.


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Who Are the Founders of Waves [WAVES]?

The Waves network was founded in 2016 with the main purpose of facilitating token personalization, streamlining blockchain based even further, and allowing businesses to do their business using a common infrastructure. 


The infrastructure provides everyone with a straightforward way of accessing blockchain. To put it in context, Waves has published over 12,000 tokens, all of which are immediately traded on the Waves DEX system.


Gilad Keren and Meir Shaashua, the founders of Waves, both consider music to be their first love. Gilad drew on his expertise as a renowned sound engineer, having recorded and produced songs for big Israeli artists, while Meir had been a member of popular bands when forming Waves. 


Gilad and Meir both studied engineering, with Meir majoring in Physics and Mathematics at Hebrew University and Gilad majoring in applied Mathematics at Israel's Technion Institute of Technology. 


In 1982, they met in a recording studio through a mutual friend. They both worked for a start-up company named AudioAnimation in 1990. Waves Ltd. was founded in Israel and the United States two years later.


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What Makes Waves [WAVES] Unique?

Waves have evolved into the world's top developer and producer of software-based input audio analysis techniques in the years afterwards while also expanding to accommodate the demand for Waves processing in hardware-based solutions. 


Waves' present product range has grown to over 60 CPUs, which the sound industry has well-received in areas like music production, film, post-production, and broadcasting. 


Waves' name is becoming associated with top-of-the-line audio handling, and the brands are employed in places where high quality is required, such as hit records, major motion movies, and best-selling games around the globe.


Where Can You Buy Waves [WAVES]?

Waves' current price is USD 25.33, with a 24-hour trading activity of 209,746,010 dollars. The WAVES to USD pricing is updated in real-time. In the last 24 hours, Waves has gained 2.41 percent. 


With a live market cap of $2,685,186,942 USD, CoinMarketCap now ranks #49. It has a working quantity of 106,022,044 WAVES coins, with no maximum supply.


Regardless of what others claim, purchasing Waves using a credit card is simple.


Purchasing Bitcoins or Ethereum with a credit card will always be your initial step. After then, they can be turned into Waves.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy Waves [WAVES] With Cash?

To purchase cryptocurrency, you must first set up an account with a broker specializing in that coin. Crypto brokers work in a way to stockbrokers. After your account has been financed, you'll submit an order with your broker, telling them which cryptocurrency you'd want to buy and at what cost.


Are There Any Quick Ways to Buy Waves [WAVES] in Europe?

The sort of order you put in will impact the likelihood of your order being fulfilled as well as the amount you will spend for every coin. Let us just look at two of the most frequent order types that you'll probably have exposure to through your cryptocurrency broker.


What is the Cheapest Way to Buy Waves [WAVES]?

Waves cannot be purchased with cash. Even if any Waves ATMs exist, they account for less than 1% of total cryptocurrency ATMs.


If you wish to buy using cash, you'll need to first buy bitcoin and then use a service like Binance to swap bitcoins for WAVES.


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When purchasing Waves with virtual currency, make sure you have a Waves wallet installed so you may move the acquired funds to, as holding the obtained coins on the centralized exchange is not encouraged.

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