How and Where to Buy Theta Fuel (TFUEL): An Easy Step By Step Guide




About Theta Fuel

Theta is a programming software designed to encourage a worldwide connection of devices to run a decentralized media streaming system. Currently, end-users pay data distribution systems that are regionally distributed web pools of working managers to provide media stream material. Present data distribution systems are unable to maintain pace with progressively first-rate streams because of geographic constraints.

Theta pays its worldwide community of members for relaying films by giving them extra traffic and processing capabilities. When more people access the Theta platform, more traffic becomes accessible, improving media streaming performance.

What is Theta Fuel coin?

Theta Fuel (TFUEL) is an indigenous coin introduced by the Theta fuel decentralized ledger just like THETA, which was the first coin launched by this platform. TFUEL must not be confused with the Theta Coin (THETA), the other crypto coin owned by the platform, the Theta scalability management currency, backed by hundreds of peer Guardian servers and Corporate verifiers such as Google, Binance, Blockchain Ventures, Gumi, and Samsung.

TFUEL would be the recently launched coin on the Theta platform that operates as a service coin and a fuel coin in decentralized media and information distribution. This suggests that it's utilized to fuel everything on the Theta platform, including payouts to trustees for distributing a media stream, self-executing deployment, interaction, and transaction charges.

It's also utilized to reward system members who offer additional spare processing capacity as Edge Compute networks and connectivity assets as Edge Caching networks for media streams and other content.


Who are the founders of Theta Fuel?

Mitch Liu and Jieyi Long are the duo who co-founded Theta Fuel blockchain, and as consequence, the complete Theta Ecosystem in early 2017. Liu has quite a strong background in online video-gaming, media, and digital world businesses, having co-founded video ad agency Tapjoy, smartphone communal video game company Gameview Labs, and, a live broadcasting network whose DApp became the earliest to use the Theta system.

Jieyi Long, Theta's other co-creator and CTO, has a background in creative robotics, video games, virtual reality, and robust, scalable distributed platforms. He has several communities-reviewed scholarly articles to his credit and inventions in the fields of streaming media, cryptocurrencies, and VR technology.

Theta today has a small but dedicated staff. The official website of Theta lists tactical business shareholders such as Samsung NEXT and Sony development Fund, as well as mainstream press stockholders such as BDMI Bertelsmann Online Content Assets and OCA Creative Artists Organization, as well as typical Silicon Valley VCs such as DCM, Sierra Ventures, and the VR Finance.


What makes Theta Fuel Unique?

Theta's core application is decentralizing media streaming, content distribution, and cloud technologies, allowing crypto industry platforms to become more competitive, pragmatic, and equitable. The inside market is powered by a couple of native coins, Theta (THETA) and Theta Fuel (TFUEL), which function on an indigenous blockchain platform.

Theta's attraction is three-fold: users benefit from higher-quality streaming services, content providers make more cash, and intermediaries – video portals — end up saving extra cash on bandwidth and enhancing marketing and membership income. TFUEL coins are rewarded for watching web content and sharing system services, so individuals get a reason to do both.

Like many other evidence-based blockchain platforms, the system is accessible, and coin owners acquire management privileges. On top of that governance to multimedia, information, and compute, Theta offers a properly fledged EVM-compatible cryptographic protocol framework to programmers wishing to construct decentralized applications (DApps) like DeFi and NFTs.


Where to buy Theta Fuel?

You can't purchase Theta Fuel from Binance outright. However, you may purchase Bitcoin using a payment card and afterward swap it for Theta Fuel. You may also purchase Bitcoin elsewhere and transfer it to Binance as per your choice. Below are listed a few cryptocurrency exchangers who offer Theta Fuel swap.

  • Upbit
  • Bithumb
  • HitBTC
  • Binance


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn TFUEL?

You will earn fuel for each second you view broadcasts supported by the THETA System on THETA live streaming platforms. THETA will employ your extra posting capacity to promote the broadcast among other users as you enjoy the live video. Search for broadcasts with an orange TFuel logo in the upper right-hand corner if you want to gain fuel. You make more money the further you post!

What affects my earning rate for TFUEL?

All information given TO Contemporaries will eventually be added to your fuel within ten min. Extra slats are permitted, but they will hardly give you extra fuel.

What can I do with TFUEL?

Now TFUEL holders can contribute their TFuel to THETAtv broadcasters, invest this in the marketplace, or buy a membership to your favorite live streams with it!



Theta Fuel is among very few altcoins with real-world applicability. It is given to Theta platform members for merely watching broadcasts and promoting the platform of broadcasters and media content creators. As a cryptocurrency trader, therefore, I have a primary concern: if Theta Fuel would be a worthwhile option.


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