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Syntropy is converting the public internet into a safe and user-centric internet by providing an unified layer with built-in security and encryption and improved speed for everything and everything linked to it.


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About Syntropy

Syntropy wants to create a user-centric internet with encryption and efficiency integrated into. The solution is interoperable with existing public internet infrastructure and will serve as a unifying layer. Syntropy may be thought of as a Layer 2 solution for enhancing the speed and scalability of a blockchain, but for the internet.


Once operational, it will eliminate legacy infrastructure bottlenecks and tenfold boost internet connection speeds. Decentralized Autonomous Routing Protocol, a smart routing technique, is used to accomplish this (DARP). DARP is a global network of nodes that includes thousands of public nodes that operate on every significant cloud infrastructure. Syntropy gets a worldwide means to analyze and assess the performance of the internet as a result. Generally, the network will send packets via its most efficient channels while avoiding sluggish legacy routes. Furthermore, node operators will be compensated in NOIA tokens for the amount of traffic they can relay, providing a financial incentive to improve efficiency.


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What is Syntropy [NOIA]?

Syntropy is intended to address concerns such as security, privacy, governance, performance, dependability, and inefficient resource usage that plague the existing Internet structure. Syntropynet was created in 2017, and the NOIA token was introduced on January 5, 2020. Technology is increasingly decentralizing, yet to connect and communicate, all of this decentralization requires the public Internet. Unfortunately, today's Internet is excessively centralized, limiting genuine technological democratization. Syntropy decentralizes the Internet at its core without jeopardizing existing protocol compatibility. It leads to a more secure and quicker Internet experience, as well as genuine decentralization.


The NOIA token serves as the “gas” that allows Syntropy users to connect and move data. NOIA reflects the total quality of data exchanged throughout the Web3 ecosystem as a Layer 1 technology. It establishes the initial monetary incentives for the creation and operation of this network by and for the user community.


Tokens are used to track all connections and data transferred through any device. As a result, the token reflects the value derived from an Internet relay as well as its fundamental economic worth.


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Who Are the Founders of Syntropy [NOIA]?

Syntropy was developed by three experts William B. Norton, Domantas Jaskunas, Jonas Simanavicius, Domas Povilauskas.


William B. Norton is the co-founder and leader of Technical Liaison accountable for launching outreach sports to comfortable potential partners, customers, and providers for the NOIA software program segment solution known as the programmable net.


He is likewise the founder of DrPeering. before that, he labored as the lead scientist in Console join Inc. and turned into the leader method officer at IIX. He additionally worked as a web Peering expert at ETICS Advisory Panel. He became the co-founder and leader technical liaison at Equinix. 

Jonas Simanavicius is the co-founder and CTO at Syntropy and is the CTO of Clouder. Jonas changed into an accomplice packages developer at JPMorgan Chase& Co, a cell utility developer, and a representative at Techsnapp Ltd.

Domas Povilauskas is the co-founder and CEO at Syntropy and the co-founder and CEO at Tellq. 

Domantas Jaskunas is a co-founder and COO of Syntropy, as well as a co-founding father of Tellq. before that, he turned into an analyst at SilverSea Asset management and a monetary assistant at Gaotime.


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What Makes Syntropy Unique?

Syntropy is converting the public internet into a safe and user-centric internet by introducing a unifying layer into which encryption and optimal performance are built-in and automatically activated for everything and everything linked to it.


The innovative technology is interoperable with the present internet infrastructure and protocols, but it adds a critical layer of programmability that allows for full resource usage. It eliminates existing system bottlenecks and restrictions, assures security and effectiveness by definition, and unlocks higher scaling potential for future technologies and services.


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Where Can You Buy Syntropy [NOIA]?

Binance is one of the most popular exchange platforms for bing NOIA, however, you can also buy NOIA from other exchange platforms such as  KuCoin,, Uniswap (V2), Bancor Network, and Nash.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total number of Syntropy (NOIA) coins in circulation?

There are 429,822,300 NOIA coins in circulation, with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 NOIA coins.

What is the security mechanism of Syntropy Network?

Syntropy employs a PBFT algorithm to maintain data security, but the project's entire data will be moored on a POW public blockchain to improve the project's complete data system's dependability.

On what factors the price of the NOIA Network [NOIA] Depends?

Exchange inflows and outflows, technical and fundamental changes, the news cycle, and the overall economic climate are all variables that impact NOIA price and market cap.


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