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Injective provides unrestricted access to decentralised finance marketplaces. Users can establish any financial market using Injective's fast, cross-chain, zero gas charge, safe, and fully decentralised exchange protocol.


With a 24hr daily volume of $48,153,255 USD, the latest Injective Protocol value is $13.19 USD. Our INJ to USD exchange rate is updated in real time. In the last 24 hours, Injective Protocol has gained 0.34 percent. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #146, with a live market cap of $430,635,236 USD. It has a circulating supply of 32,655,553 INJ coins and a maximum supply of 100,000,000 INJ coins.

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About Status [SNT] 

The Injective Chain was designed specifically to handle Ethereum-compatible DeFi applications with instant finality, sub-second block timings, and lightning fast transaction rates (10,000+ TPS).


The Injective ecosystem contains over 200K community members from all around the world and over 100 projects. Binance, Pantera Capital, and Mark Cuban are one of the noteworthy capitalists who have funded Injective.


INJ is Injective Protocol's native token. INJ is a rare asset that is utilised for governance, capturing exchange value, mining liquidity, and staking. 60% of all exchange costs are used to buy back and burn INJ every two weeks, allowing the quantity of INJ to fall substantially over time. Furthermore, transactions on the Injective Protocol brought about by new Injective ecosystem initiatives aid in the burning of more INJ.


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What is Status [SNT]?

Injective's trading infrastructure is solely based on a central limit order book, which combines the user-friendliness and speed of centralised exchanges with the transparency of decentralised exchanges.


Furthermore, transactions on the Injective Protocol brought about by new Injective ecosystem initiatives aid in the burning of more INJ.


You can begin using INJ on the Injective hub for a variety of DeFi scenarios.

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Who Are the Founders of Status [SNT]?

The research and development firm Injectvie Labs was the first to contribute to the Injectvie Protocol.


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What Makes Status [SNT] Unique?

Status [SNT], or SNT, is both an open-source messaging platform and a mobile interface. Users can communicate with DApps running on the Ethereum blockchain using this interface. In exchange, users gain over 2,000 DApps, the ability to send and receive encrypted communications on a peer-to-peer basis, make payments, and use smart contracts.


The network itself employs Status [SNT] Network Tokens, or SNT, which serve as the platform's native currency. The purpose of Status [SNT] is to make Ethereum DApp development faster and more efficient.


There is also a users-as-stakeholders network, which allows the network's behaviour and software to become aligned with an individual user's interests. The contributors are working on a crypto economic model, and peer-to-peer technology can keep the Status [SNT] Network running smoothly.

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Where Can You Buy Status [SNT]?

The Status [SNT] Network Token is a modular utility token that provides energy to the entire network. It's free to use and communicate with, but you'll require SNT to enjoy the Status [SNT] Mobile Ethereum Client's capabilities.


In order to buy, sell and trade your Status [SNT] tokens, following are the top most desired exchanges;




2- OKEx




4- BiONE


5- Upbit, and


6- Bithumb


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Frequently Asked Question About Status [SNT]

How The Status [SNT] Coins Circulated?

SNT is an ERC-20 token that may be used to access and power the Status [SNT] Network's decentralised services. It's an open source project that anyone can adapt to their own needs, and the Messari Disclosures Registry verifies it.

What Security Measures Does the Status [SNT] Take?

You Have the option of browsing through WEB3, which prohibits the involvement of a third party to overview your personal data..

On what factors the price of the Status [SNT] Depends?


Exchange inflows and outflows, technical and fundamental changes, the news cycle, and the overall economic climate are all variables that impact SNT’s price and market cap.



After elevating upto 100% in just a matter of a few weeks, cryptocurrencies have suffered a severe declinement due to the unpredictable market nature.


Status [SNT] tokens have been increased to a new all-time high of almost $0.103 U.S Dollars per token, despite the recent market slowdown occurring in the trading world.


Since the crypto markets are established to be active for 24 hours, you may need the assistance of a cryptocurrency portfolio monitor for keeping track of your holdings.


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