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SCP is known as a public source protocol that provides an early abstraction of features. Using open source development saves time and money by allowing the project to quickly transition to proprietary innovation and deliverables that can be seen in the marketplace.

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About ScPrime

Cryptocurrency project ScPrime uses blockchain-based smart contracts & cryptographic proofs for data storage around the world, to assure accuracy, security, and redundancy.

Using the Blake2B consensus mechanism with 10-minute block timings and a severe difficulty adjustment algorithm, the ScPrime blockchain is Proof of Work. With a 10 SCP ceiling around five years after Genesis, the Genesis award was 300 SCP. During the first two years of developer funding, a project charge was incorporated that decreased over time.

This is a fundamental tenet of the move to Web3 while keeping compatibility with the real world. SCP software will change as cryptocurrency, public-key cryptography, and utility currencies become more widely accepted, providing a competitive worldwide network and promoting anti-fragile independence over time. Cost savings that are truly radical are a foregone conclusion.

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What is ScPrime [SCP]?

In order to build a global "datacenter," SCP uses a modular mesh network of international storage providers who are compensated for donating small amounts of disc space. Incentives connected to distributed network clients remove totalitarian management through the use of market-driven incentives.

With this product, customers can be assured that their private data will be kept safe and secure in an environment that is both self-organizing and very cost-competitive.

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Who Are the Founders of ScPrime [SCP]?

Kenneth Scott Bell is the founder of the ScPrime system. The system has been divided into a number of teams to look after diverse departments. From the IT team to the security mechanism development team, all the members of the system are dedicated enough to serve their clients while turning all the potential visitors onto permanent traders of this network. 

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What Makes ScPrime Unique?

It's a layer 1 blockchain that uses Proof of Work ASIC miners and smart contract scripts to connect Storage Providers. Based on the original Sia renter-host protocol, the network employs 256-bit encryption and erasing codes to produce an extremely secure and long-lasting cloud service. Storage nodes are compensated in SCP, a utility coin that can be exchanged for goods and services. The XaMiner is an example of a commercial product that provides a plug-and-play experience while an open-source system enables users to develop generic settings.

Core client software, called a Relayer, is utilized in layer 2 reference implementations to provide access to the network in the real world with complete compatibility with popular cloud protocols such as AWS S3. Traditional payment methods and a wide range of features allow this client to be a drop-in replacement for customers' present cloud services.

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Where Can You Buy ScPrime [SCP]?

ScPrime can be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges including ProBit Global, and SouthXchange.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many ScPrime coins are there in circulation?

A total of 39,823,321 SCP tokens are in circulation at any given time.

Are there any quick ways to buy ScPrime [SCP] in Europe?

Yes, in reality, Europe is one of the easiest countries to acquire cryptocurrency in general. There are also online banks where you can create an account and send funds to exchanges like Coinbase and Uphold.

On what factors does the price of ScPrime [SCP] Depend?

Exchange inlets and outlets, technical and fundamental changes, the news cycle, and the overall ecological climate are all variables that impact ScPrime’s price and market cap.

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