How and Where to Buy RAMP [RAMP] An Easy Step by Step Guide 






RAMP DeFi is a decentralized protocol that aims to enhance DeFi adoption by enabling non-Ethereum (ETH) users to stake tokens on ETH platforms while also letting Ethereum users engage with the RAMP network to increase their returns.


CoinMarketCap now ranks #329, with a live market cap of $146,665,992 USD. It has 388,139,558 RAMP coins in circulation and a total production of 1,000,000,000 RAMP coins.



RAMP DeFi allows non-ERC-20 mounting blockchains' staked money to be collateralized into rUSD, a stablecoin created on the Ethereum blockchain. 


The key consequence is that capital efficiency on stacked digital assets is maximized, as users receive staking incentives, unlock liquidity from staked assets, and stack numerous yield streams at the very same moment.


RAMP was founded in response to the Russian economy's fast expansion, which is expected to surpass $300 billion by 2021, as well as the inefficiencies of the economic growth marketplaces.




What is RAMP [RAMP]?

Customers who are already on the Ethereum blockchain can create eUSD by putting their ERC20 stablecoins into RAMP's eUSD liquidity pool. This implies that owners of rUSD and eUSD can readily swap, loan, or take out loans of both coins, creating liquidity for consumers with funds locked within staking schemes.


Crust uses the incentivized protocol stack for autonomous caching. It is extensible to a variety of storage layer protocols, notably IPFS, and it also accommodates the application layer. 


Its design is capable of supporting a distributed system layer and constructing an entire cloud community.


Who Are the Founders of RAMP [RAMP]?

Lawrence Lim and Loh Zheng Rong co-founded RAMP. Lim formerly worked as the head of international expansion at IOST and as the global sales manager at TradeGecko.


Whereas in addition to co-founding NOX Pte Ltd, Loh Zheng Rong served as a blockchain consulting partner at Merkle Ventures LLP.


What Makes RAMP [RAMP] Unique?

To economically fuel currency transactions across blockchain systems, the network employs liquidity on/off-ramp architectures. Tokens that utilize a non-Ethereum standard are first transformed into stablecoins called rUSD for usage on the Ethereum network inside this framework.


Stablecoins based on ERC-20 may also be converted into eUSD for use in Ramp DeFi's liquidity pool. Following the conversion, rUSD holders will be able to use cash held in non-Ethereum blockchains, as well as employ fully collateralized stablecoins and receive staking rewards. eUSD holders earn interest by lending their digital money and have the opportunity to offer liquidity through DeFi protocols.


Where Can You Buy RAMP [RAMP]?

For effective and reliable trade exchange of RAMP, the following top-notch exchanges are considered; Bibox,, Hoo, Uniswap (V2), and lastly MXC.COM.




Frequently Asked Questions About RAMP [RAMP]

How Many RAMP RAMP Coins Are In Circulation Currently?

It's anticipated that RAMP will have an initial running supply of 176 million coins by February 2021, and a peak operational quantity of 1,000,000,000 coins.

What Security Measures Does the RAMP RAMP Take?

RAMP Network works with Crust Network to provide safe on-chain decentralized data storage. As such, RAMP DeFi is an open finance initiative with the ability to release liquidity from staked digital assets, enabling all consumers to collateralize their digital content while mounting into liquid assets.

On What Factors Does The Price Of The RAMP RAMP Depend?

Exchange inflows and outflows, paramount and technical differences, the news cycle, and the overall economic climate are all interlinked variables that impact RAMP RAMP’s price and market cap.



After the sheer appraisal in the field of trading which is around 100% in just a matter of a certain countable transitional month, cryptocurrencies have suffered an intense depreciation due to their uncertain market nature.


Therefore, it's wide enough to quote that RAMP RAMP tokens have been upgraded to a new all-time high translation volume of almost $0.3775 U.S Dollars per token.


In a nutshell, it is safer to say that RAMP RAMP has blessed online traders to enjoy trading luxuries globally with the provision of ease through its secure, diverse, and viable transactional policies. 




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