How and Where to Buy Perpetual Protocol (PERP) An Easy Step by Step Guide





Perpetual Protocol is a decentralized exchange that specializes in exchanging futures-like contracts. Surprisingly, it allows for the trading of cryptocurrencies as well as other commodities including gold, crude oil, and fiat cash. 


A virtual Automated Market Maker (vAMM) and a collateralization vault are used in the Perpetual Protocol procedure. These structures are intended to execute transactions and provide access to complicated financial instruments such as perpetual contracts to everyone.


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About Perpetual Protocol

Perpetual protocol was developed in 2019 as a counterattack to developing DeFi protocols like Synthetix and Uniswap. The team wanted to combine the benefits of these protocols to develop a decentralized Ethereum exchange for perpetual contracts. Because of its virtual AMM (vAMM) architecture, the protocol can handle 20x leverage, risky investments, and reduced slippage than conventional AMMs.


Unlike well-known Automated Market Makers, which are used for both token exchanges and trading costs, the vAMM is purely for financial intermediation in order to manage short positions. Traders may trade with the vAMM without relying on a central authority, and it is meant to be market impartial and completely backed by the government, similar to Uniswap.


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What is Perpetual Protocol [PERP]?

Perpetual Protocol is a decentralized finance (DeFi) initiative that provides this service through written code, eliminating the need for financial middlemen. Furthermore, Perpetual Protocol is essentially a collection of programs (smart contracts) operating on the Ethereum blockchain that was created to interact and mimic derivatives market functions.


The protocol's native ERC-20 coin is PERP. Participants can use PERP tokens to control the protocol and invest their tokens in the Staking Pool for a certain period of time. In exchange, holders get a staking incentive, which includes PERP payouts and transaction fees.


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Who Are the Founders of Perpetual Protocol [PERP]?

Perpetual Protocol was once backed by a top-tier staff located in Taiwan. However, the project's continuous expansion necessitated the participation of a global workforce. Yenwen Feng and Shao-Kang Lee are Perpetual's co-founders.


The group also includes blockchain developers, investigators, and architects. Binance Labs, Alameda Research, CMS, Three Arrows Capital, Divergence Ventures, Mechanism Capital, and Multicoin Capital are among those who trust in the project's purpose.


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What Makes Perpetual Protocol Unique?

The feature that makes it unique is the use of virtual automated market makers sets (vAMMs). This is a variation of the automated market maker (AMMs) strategy used throughout the DeFi ecosystem.


PERP is the 1st virtual AMM, according to the researchers, that enables markets with no makers while yet ensuring on-chain liquidity. These maker-less markets reduce the capital requirements of traditional markets, making room for new and developing futures.


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Where Can You Buy Perpetual Protocol [PERP]?

The following are the top exchanges for buying, selling, and trading Perpetual Protocol (PERP) right now:

  • Binance
  • OKEx, 
  • FTX,
  • HitBTC, 
  • ZT


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy Perpetual Protocol [PERP] With Cash?

No, you can't buy Perpetual Protocol with cash because it's not possible. However, you can purchases Bitcoin on marketplaces like LocalBitcoins and then complete the remaining steps by converting your bitcoin to the appropriate AltCoin exchanges.

Are there any quick ways to buy Perpetual Protocol [PERP] in Europe?

Yes, Europe is one of the most accessible markets for cryptocurrency purchases. There are also online banks where you may create an account and send funds to cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Coinmama. Bunq, N26, and Revolut are three of Europe's most popular online banks.

What is the cheapest way to buy Perpetual Protocol?

The most cost-effective method is to purchase Perpetual Protocol using a bank transfer.


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