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About Neo

Being a system for creating investment instruments on a blockchain, Neo rivals straight with Ethereum. Because the Neo Center is situated in China, the firm is dubbed the "Chinese Ethereum." Neo's exchanges are less expensive than Ethereum's, and the system has a resource to help it grow in the coming times. In light of this, Neo is an atheist. Buyers who feel that some other cryptocurrency will someday substitute Ethereum as a framework for developing distributed software will find Neo appealing.

What is Neo? 

Neo is a decentralized cryptocurrency that rivals Ethereum to provide a base for the development of monetary systems. Despite Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Neo allow programmers to create monetary items straight on the blockchain. This reduces the necessity for a governing third party, resulting in a trust-free and decentralized monetary environment.


A trust-free approach eliminates the necessity to rely on a third party to act in one's favour. For instance, you'll have to depend on a bank account to keep your funds safe and continue to back the digital assets you've purchased. You manage your money through the cryptocurrency wallet and trade using codes on Neo's blockchain, rather than a third party handling them. Crypto algorithms are a type of code that can handle assets on the blockchain and are alluded to as such.




Brief History of Neo

Ant-shares was the name given to NEO when it was first published in 2014. The blockchain startup is situated in China and is thought to be the region's first blockchain-centred project. Ant-shares were renamed to Neo in 2017 and rapidly rose from under $1 to nearly $200 at its apex.


Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang co-founded Neo. People who run the Neo Framework, which facilitates Neo improvements and promotes the usage of Neo's system. NEO has a roughly $2.75 billion market valuation and is now selling for slightly below $40.

NeoGAS is now the second coin in Neo's system. Although NeoGAS is comparable to Ethereum's gas, it's indeed unrelated to the NEO coin. NeoGAS is intended to "boost" the system by purchasing processing capacity for payments and crypto algorithms.


Who are the founders of NEO?

Da Hongfei and Erik Zhan launched NEO as Ant-Shares in China around 2014, and it was renamed as NEO in June 2017. It's a blockchain-based system with its particular coin and the ability to create digitized commodities and crypto algorithms.


Da Hongfei, the co-founder of blockchain company NEO (previously AntShares), sees blockchain technology as the foundation of a future "financial centre," an entire blockchain network might improve financial management.



What makes NEO Unique?

Here on the NEO blockchain, commodities may be effortlessly converted in an accessible, decentralized, secure, verifiable, and systematic way independent of mediators and their expenses.


Customers can keep track of, acquire, trade, transfer, and transfer multiple commodities. The NEO system enables the tangible object to be linked to a distinct digitized representation on the system. NEO is also in support of investment security. The commodities enrolled on its design will have a user certificate that has been verified and is legally safeguarded.



How to buy NEO?

Open an online account.

To buy NEO coins, you'll be required to sign up to create an account using a cryptocurrency exchange service that allows the fund's exchange. Sadly, several large businesses, like Coinbase and eToro, do not offer to trade NEO. However, you can use the Coinbase app to track the coin's market value moves. Binance, a renowned crypto exchange that offers a range of cryptocurrencies, is the most famous marketplace that accepts NEO.


Buy a wallet (optional)

If you do not intend to regularly trade your bitcoin, you must keep it in a separate digital wallet. Because cybercriminals could be capable of compromising the issuer's encryption, keeping your cash on an exchange exposes your crypto to the danger of it being robbed. The two most common forms of e-wallets are software wallets and hardware wallets.


Make your purchase.

Anyone can purchase NEO as both a limited order or a trade order, just like stocks. Trade orders buy your NEO coins at the current market rate, which will be decided by the best bid and least demand in the order book of a marketplace.



Frequently Asked Questions


What is NEO used for?

NEO can be utilized for everything that cash can be used for, including purchasing, trading, and donating. However, NEO can also be used for far more than just fiat money: it could be employed to receive contributions or facilitate business unaffected by authorities or the financial system. Also, preserving treasure that can't be taken away.


What is NEO Tracker Wallet?

The NEO Tracker wallet is a lightweight wallet for interacting using the Neo blockchain. You do not, however, open an account or hand them your money to keep. No information escapes your device or search engine. They keep it short to generate, retain, and retrieve your data, as well as to communicate with the Neo blockchain.





Buying NEO through the Binance marketplace is proven to be the quickest method to get your hands on cryptocurrency. By broadening your investment, you can obtain experience in the NEO ecosystem and the overall crypto world.



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