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LTO Network, originally known as LegalThings One, was founded as a division of Firm24 in May 2014. The project's major goal has been to implement legitimate business transactions on the network for several years. It is built on the interaction of private and public blockchains from a conceptual standpoint.


LTO Network is projected to help businesses to focus on strengthening their productivity, accountability, and confidentiality by eradicating the need to trust in the human aspect in financial transactions.

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About LTO Network

LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain model that helps highly centralized workflows and the automation of business processes. Companies can engage in and carry out transactions, communicate information with one another, establish supply chains, delegate data processing, and more, all at the same time and without relying on trust, thanks to a platform based on live contracting.


The LTO Network assists with the simplification and functioning of the required transaction process, the interchange of information between parties, the construction of business supply chains, and the secure transfer of data to other parties, among other things.


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What is LTO Network?

LTO Network is a development platform that functions upon hybrid blockchain applications. It operates to facilitate consumers with verified, secured, and exchangeable data services. 


What separates LTO from most commercial blockchain apps and platforms is that cryptocurrency tokens play a vital role in the network's functioning, both mechanically and in terms of income creation.


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Who Are the Founders of LTO Network?


Back in 2014 LegalThingsOne was developed by Firm24 which was later upgraded in LTO Network in the year 2017 with the addition of blockchain on product development.

Rick Schmitz is the co-founder and CEO of LTO Network. Alongwith him, is Martijn Migchelsen the co-founder, COO and CFO of LTO Network. He has also worked as a finance consultant. 


The lead architect and third co-founder are Arnold Daniels, he was Cloud9’s software engineer. 

Possessing a masterás degree in artificial intelligence, Sven Stam is the current CTO of LTO. moreover, the advisory panel includes Mike Egorov (founder and CTO at NuCypher), Sandor Klein (VP of sales at Docker), Pedro Irujo (Cemex Ventures), and Femke Stroucken (CMS legal consultant) 


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What Makes LTO Network Unique?

Easy-to-use live contracts and the development of a hybrid blockchain mechanism with anchorage are two essential characteristics of the LTO Network.


Live contracts enable parties to reach mutually advantageous settlements in real-time. The LTO parent technology produces a specific secret blockchain to record the history of events and the present status of the contracts when the participants strike a consensus and start a live contract.


The personal and corporate layers of blockchain functioning are separated. The private tier is intended for collaborative work, information flow, and automation. The public layer, on the other hand, provides high-level security through dispersed nodes and a reward mechanism.


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Where Can You Buy LTO Network?

The LTO Network is readily traded due to its secure transaction policies. The exchange transactions which favor LTO Network trading include; Binance, Uniswap(V2),, PancakeSwap, Bilaxy, and Omgfin.


FTM is available on various protocols, including ERC-20, BEP2, and Fantom's own OPERA coin. LTO Network’s tokens are also based upon ERC-20. Whereas 280,618,533 tokens of the coin have been circulated since April 2021. 


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Frequently Asked Questions, about the FIRO coin purchase 

The recent rank of LTO coin id number 330 within market capitalization.whereas the latest overall market capitalization lies around $ 12,157,227

Is purchasing an LTO coin is secure?

The hybrid LTO framework enables private blockchains to be as extensible as feasible while maintaining the security features of public blockchains, that is already extensively used. The proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm protects the LTO Network.

What are the main incentives received after purchasing LTO?

If you have sufficient folks leasing from you, you will earn good profits, even if the payout isn't 100%. With your access point, you can provide LTO Network services. Although, operating a node may be profitable in the long run, but not right now. If that is the case, it is only by a small margin.


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