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Ultimately, FIRO is a considerable success in a very competitive industry, the privacy coin market. Many cryptocurrency initiatives that began in 2014 have already faded away, but FIRO has continued to evolve and strives to provide additional options and usefulness to its customers. The project still has a large and devoted following ready to hold the FIRO currency.


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About Firo

Zcoin was the first cryptocurrency to adopt this unproven privacy technology when it launched on September 28, 2016. This new protocol, which was also developed by Johns Hopkins computer scientists, operated as a Bitcoin extension, providing anonymous transactions by organically incorporating coin-mixing techniques into the network. Coin mixing groups and mixes user transactions before delivering the value to the receiving party, thereby 'cleaning' the trade and making it untraceable. This would allow users to get more out of Bitcoin's original score, which lacked any privacy-related features.


Firo has also pioneered several cutting-edge network features. Firo was the first protocol to use a technique dubbed the Dandelion protocol to disguise an IP address without needing a Tor browser or VPN. Firo has also made progress in terms of mainstream adoption, having used blockchain vote counting and verification to hold party elections for the Thailand Democrat Party. They also concentrated on GPU-based bitcoin mining, which helps both individual users and large-scale mining farms.


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What is Firo [FIRO]?

Firo (FIRO), originally known as Zcoin, is a cryptocurrency that focuses on being private digital cash. It created the Lelantus privateness protocol which permits customers to burn their cash and redeem them later for modern-day ones that don't have any transaction history.


Before Lelantus, it turned into also the first cryptocurrency to code and released an implementation of the Zerocoin protocol which have become one of the most general privateness protocols in use, prior to it being changed by way of Sigma and them Lelantus after cryptographic flaws were found within the Zerocoin protocol in 2019.


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Who Are the Founders of Firo [FIRO]?

The founding father of Firo is Poramin Insom. He got a master’s degree in statistics protection from Johns Hopkins college where he wrote a paper on the proposed realistic implementation of the Zerocoin protocol. aside from Firo, he is likewise a co-founder of the Satang business enterprise and has served as 2nd lieutenant with the Royal Thai armed forces in its cyber struggle division.

Reuben Yap joined the undertaking quickly after its release in 2016 and now leads the undertaking in its typical approach, improvement, and studies goals. Reuben has been a vocal endorsement of online and financial privateness, having based one of Southeast Asia’s earliest VPN services to fight censorship, and is a nicely-respected speaker on the subject, with featured remarks in CoinDesk, BBC, Forbes, Nasdaq, Reuters, and Cheddar information, among others. He assumed the position of challenge Steward & Co-Founder in November 2019.


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What Makes FIRO Unique?

Firo's Lelantus and Sigma privacy protocols use a customized zero-knowledge proof termed one-out-of-many proofs, that, unlike other zk constructions, does not demand a trusted configuration or unusual cryptographic conditions while maintaining strong anonymity settings.


In October 2018, it was also the first program to use Dandelion++, a transaction propagation mechanism that prohibits other parties from connecting an IP address to a transaction.


The Firo (formerly Zcoin) cryptocurrency was utilized in the Thai Democrat Party's primary election in November 2018 to pick the party's leader. It is the world's earliest massive poll, with over 127,000 registered voters across the country. It was previously branded Zcoin. In October 2020, Zcoin was renamed FIRO.


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Where Can You Buy Firo [FIRO]?

FIRO is now available for trading on an increasing number of exchanges, including cryptocurrency and stablecoin pairings. But, the most commonly used exchange platforms are Binance, Huobi Global,, DigiFinex, HitBTC, and Exchange.  However, the token has practically no representation on decentralized exchanges. This is due to the fact that FIRO has its own network, whereas decentralized exchanges such as Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain generally only handle projects from their host networks.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to purchase FIRO with cash?

No. It is not possible to purchase Firo with cash. You can, however, utilize markets such as LocalBitcoins to first acquire BTC, and then complete the remainder of the procedures by moving your BTC to the appropriate AltCoin exchangers.

How many FIRO coins are there in circulation?

Firo (FIRO) has 12,211,042 coins in circulation and a maximum supply of 21,400,000 coins. It has a circulation plan that is comparable to Bitcoin's.

On what factors the price of the Firo Network [FIRO] Depends?

Exchange inflows and outflows, technical and fundamental changes, the news cycle, and the overall economic climate are all variables that impact Firo’s price and market cap.


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