How and Where to Buy Ethernity Chain [ERN] An Easy Step by Step Guide 






Ethernity Chain is a blockchain-based application that enables take benefit of non-fungible tokens' rising popularity (NFTs).


In the last 24 hours, Ethernity Chain has gained 0.71 percent. With a live market cap of $160,572,782 USD, the current CoinMarketCap ranking is #305. There are 11,278,369 ERN coins in circulation, with a total quantity of 30,000,000 ERN coins.

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About Ethernity Chain ERN

Ethernity Chain was crowdfunded on the Polkastarter site on March 8, 2021. The project seeks to establish favorable conditions for all active members of the community in order to increase the worth of its ERN coin.


The capacity of ERN to hold one-of-a-kind artworks and other digital objects which can be displayed and exchanged on a blockchain is a game-changer that has the potential to disrupt industries as varied as gaming, sports, and real estate.


On March 8, the ERN coin appeared on the market on Polkastarter, a digital trading (DEX) for cross-chain asset pools and auctions. Polkastarter is a protocol that enables projects like Ethernity Chain to generate funds from their members.

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What is Ethernity Chain ERN?

Ethernity obtained a round of strategic investments from Black Edge Capital, Morningstar Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, Woodstock, and Genesis Block Ventures prior to launching ERN. 


Shareholders of Ethernity's utility token ERN can trade on and buy rare aNFTs, actual collectibles, stake, farm for benefits, and engage in online and real-world activities and events. A portion of its proceeds from the sale may be donated to one of the reputable charitable organizations.

Who Are the Founders of Ethernity Chain ERN?

Ethernity Chain, created by Nick Rose Ntertsas, investigates non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the benefits they might give to charity and the general public.


Nick Rose Ntertsas is the CEO and founder of Ethernity Chain. He's also the chief digital officer at Global Wildlife Conservation. Prior to that, he launched a number of hospitality businesses in Greece as well as the 10X Capital cryptocurrencies funds.

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What Makes Ethernity Chain ERN Unique?

Ethernity Chain allows celebrities to promote artwork or bespoke card tokens while generating funds for nonprofit activities. Creatives, businesses, and enthusiasts can easily sell NFTs on Ethernity Chain.


Ethernity is pursuing its goal of popularising NFT-based digital art and helping good causes by forming connections with key people in the blockchain, music, and entertainment industries.

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Where Can You Buy Ethernity Chain ERN?

For easing the need of traders and interested investors the developers of Ethernity Chain ERN has made the trade to buy exchange options vast than before. The exchanges which support ERN trade are Uniswap (V2),, 1inch Exchange, and Hoo


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Frequently Asked Questions About Ethernity Chain ERN

How Many Ethernity Chain ERN Coins Are In Circulation Currently?

ERN is a cryptocurrency asset based on the Ethereum blockchain developed by Ethernity Chain. Since about March 2021, the currency has a total production of 30,000,000 coinss and a circulation quantity around of 5,824,975 coins. 

What Security Measures Does the Ethernity Chain ERN Take? 

ERN is an ERC-20 proof-of-stake (PoS) currency based on the Ethereum network, and its blockchain protects it.

On What Factors Does The Price Of The Ethernity Chain ERN Depend?

Exchange inflows and outflows, paramount and technical differences, the news cycle, and the overall economic climate are all interlinked variables that impact ERN’s price and market cap.



After the sheer appraisal in the field of trading which is around 100% in just a matter of a certain countable transitional month, cryptocurrencies have suffered an intense depreciation due to their uncertain market nature.


Therefore, it's wide enough to quote that Ethernity Chain ERN tokens have been upgraded to a new all-time high translation volume of almost $14.14 U.S Dollars per token.


The increased value of Ethernity Chain ERN is sufficient enough to prove its worth in the eyes of stakeholders and future investors. In addition to that, ERN with every bit of share permitted to users gives another opportunity for trading.


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