How and Where to Buy DigiByte (DGB) An Easy Step by Step Guide





Digibyte is a fast, safe, and progressing blockchain technology. It lets you send and receive funds across borders without having to use an intermediary like conventional banks.


Digibyte is one of those currencies that can do wonders. Following the market trend, the coin will acquire greater momentum and awareness among users worldwide, understanding that it is really decentralized and will give users a safe and secure means to send cash to friends and family around the world and make transactions using Digibyte.


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About DigiByte

DigiByte is a highly decentralized, fast-growing, public blockchain. Like other cryptocurrencies,  DigiBytes are also digital assets that cannot be damaged, falsified, or stolen, making them perfect to secure valuable items such as cash, data, estate, or critical digital information.


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What is DigiByte [DGB]?

DigiByte is a cryptocurrency that prioritizes scalability and encryption to thrive with big digital currencies like XRP and Litecoin.


Its platform also includes capabilities that allow users to create content, start apps, and utilize digital identities. Furthermore, its protocol is designed to use different mining techniques while enforcing economic policies with a total supply of 21 billion DGB coins.


A long-lasting public and crypto-monetary blockchain, DigiByte employs five distinct safety algorithms, initially designed to increase the security, scalability, and trading speed of the Bitcoin network.


DigiByte is made up of three layers:

  • Smart contract
  • Public ledger
  • Core protocol


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Who Are the Founder of DigiByte [DGB]?

DigiByte was founded by Jared Tate, commonly known as "DigiMan," who supervised its evolution from conception to present configuration until declaring his temporary retirement in May 2020.


Tate has now returned, and as of September 2020, he looks to be directly engaged in DigiByte's expansion once more.

The DigiByte Foundation, a volunteer group entrusted with managing the project's sustainability, is also crucial to the project's functioning. The DigiByte Awareness Team, a third group of members, is in charge of advertising and sales efforts.


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What Makes DigiByte Unique?

DigiByte is a Bitcoin variant that attempts to broaden the security, speed, and capacity possibilities.


It began as an open-source blockchain with a corresponding coin, DGB. It employs five distinct algorithms to ensure safety and protect ASIC miners from gaining too much power.


DigiByte has a digital asset that can also be considered as currency. Its original asset is called “DGB,” and it is stored on an immutable public ledger that is distributed around the world on 10,000 nodes. DigiByte has established itself as the world's longest, quickest, and most secure UTXO blockchain. In fact, DigiByte blocks are generated every 15 seconds, making it 40 times quicker than the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. DigiAssets is aimed at developers who want to create digital assets, decentralized apps (DApps), and the smart contracts that go with them.


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Where Can You Buy DigiByte [DGB]?

DGB is an altcoin cryptocurrency that can be found on a variety of platforms. The most popular DGB trading pairings are  Binance, Sistemkoin, OKEx, and Bilaxy.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy DigiByte [DGB] With Cash?

No. DGB cannot be bought directly with cash. However, you may acquire Bitcoin on markets like LocalBitcoins and then move your bitcoin to the appropriate AltCoin exchanges to complete the remainder of the processes.

Are there any quick ways to buy DigiByte [DGB] in Europe?

Yes, Europe is one of the most accessible markets for cryptocurrency purchases. There are also online banks where you may create an account and send funds to cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Coinmama. 

What is the cheapest way to buy DigiByte?

The most cost-effective method is to purchase DigiByte using a bank transfer.


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