Civilization, a fantasy-themed RPG on BSC and Polygon, is a lucrative business. Users can both have fun and make money at the same time with the Civilization ecosystem, which combines NFT gaming with DeFi technology.


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About Civilization [CIV]

CIV has lofty aspirations, the first is to alter staking and investment through the use of a DEX-based strategy. Instead of depending on a human group of traders and researchers, it makes use of 100 percent auditable code and computerized multi-strategy selection, resulting in the highest possible yield at the lowest possible risk, all while being extremely simple to use. The ramifications of this are likely to be impacted far beyond the realm of cryptocurrency.


CIV aims to address some of the most significant inefficiency of other cryptocurrency ventures, which frequently rely on the ongoing addition of new participants to maintain ROI, or on sophisticated token burning, transaction fees, and other short-term gadgets to achieve their goals. In the opinion of the Civilization community, there must be some external source of money. CIV generates revenue from sources other than its own ecosystem, so providing an opening that is self-sustaining for all parties involved.


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What is Civilization [CIV]?

In the financial industry, Civilization has been dubbed the "Burning Man of Finance." Civilization is the world’s largest first Decentralized Equity Investment. CIV is an abbreviation for Community Investment Vehicle, which was the world's first financial institution that was owned and managed solely by its investors when it was founded.


It is the goal of CIV to create the world's first Dex Fund, which will revolutionize staking and investing are done by using 100 percent auditable code and, ultimately, the automated multi-strategy choice for maximum income with the least amount of risk.


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Who Are the Founders of Civilization [CIV]?

The system aspires to be the first and only totally DEX Fund in the world, which means it will be anonymous and based on software code. Developers were inspired by Ryoshi as well as the Shiba family's remarkable venture, and they began exactly one year since Shiba Inu: designers had no external supporters or prominent investors, and they did it on purpose.


The founders assert to have created a finely tuned balancing act of incentive schemes for everyone to collaborate together in a permissionless anonymous manner, for the mutual advantage of all – stockholders, brokers, marketing companies, artists, meme lords and ladies, designers, and economic advisers from all around the world – in order to maximize the potential of the platform. The ability to harness the energy of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to start opening an infinite number of trading techniques and capital investments within the cryptocurrency field; completely trustless and without the need to place your trust in any one person or institution.


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What Makes Civilization [CIV] Unique?

It is only available for trading as CIV on the Ethereum blockchain, which is the only blockchain that is really 100% decentralized. A soft launch and no marketing expenditure were used to get the ball rolling, and the token has a fixed quantity of 300 million tokens, all of which were issued and then burned forever to protect against the danger of rug pulls. Purchasing the token is essentially the same as acquiring stock in the company, which translates to owning a stake in the fund's project in its entirety.


The new concept of a Dex Fund will be built on the principles of community and code. This is in contrast to a standard fiat-money fund, which usually revolves around respected, well-known personnel with secret/exclusive concepts, a personal network, actual income, and an organized hierarchical system of command and control.


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Where Can You Buy Civilization [CIV]?

Civilization [CIV] can be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges including BitMart, Uniswap (V2), ProBit Global, Bittrex, and ShibaSwap.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Civilization [CIV] coins are there in circulation?

The total supply of CIV coins is 300,000,000, and a maximum supply of 300,000,000.

What are the security measures taken up by the Civilization [CIV] system?

It is planned to launch CIV in the second quarter of this year as an advanced trading and staking framework for managing Uniswap v3 liquidity pool arbitrage, with just findings resulting in 1 percent daily compound interest per contract. This contributes to the growth of a communal fund, which served as a basis for a continuous and secure mode of trading.

On what factors does the price of Civilization [CIV] Depend?

Exchange inlets and outlets, technical and fundamental changes, the news cycle, and the overall ecological climate are all variables that impact Civilization [CIV]’s price and market cap.


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 Civilization [CIV] Official Website  – https://www.civfund.org/


 Civilization [CIV] Official Twitter  – https://twitter.com/civfund


 Civilization [CIV] Official Reddit  – https://reddit.com/r/civfund


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